Review by m11dsauce on Sunday, June 19th 2016
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Remover is a game created by mixbr0

Sorry, I couldnít think of a cheeky title :(


Anyways, I would like to start with an apology to mixbr0, who has waited a couple months for this review. Itís been quite hectic (and it still is) in my life for the last couple of months, so I hope you can forgive me for that. Anyways, I would like to start off saying that mixbr0 was popular right from the get-go. When he released Remover, he had around 300 views on his first game (which is great). Also, sorry if this review isnít that good. Itís been awhile since Iíve done lots of writing. Letís get started, shall we?


In Remover, the object of the game is to remove all the red blocks as fast as you can before they fall down (which may not be the most original idea, but definitely better than most). The game requires quick action (and a good mouse :( ) in order to proceed with the next level. It has a unintentional consequence of creating emotion in the player, which is usually rage. With this ability to create emotion in the player while playing the game is actually a good thing, as it gives a drive to win.

However, the game lacks design. The only three colors you see on your screen will be blue, green, and red. Simplistic design to give a clean look is completely fine, but it lacked general design. But with this certain game, there were many things that mixbr0 couldíve exploited to create a possibly feature worthy game that he missed out on. The game was too short (as it was probably meant to be), and mixbr0 had lots to work with since he had 2 more levels to use.

But I did like the game. The game showcased an interesting game idea that had only been used a couple times before, and it was very fun. The game focused mostly on gameplay (which we need more of, quite frankly) but lacked good design. If it had a better aesthetic to it, it couldíve been feature worthy. Anyways, letís get to the conclusion.


I personally think that mixbr0 could have a bright future ahead of him. This game takes an interesting concept and made it fun. It creates emotion for the player (even though there is no storyline). However, it lacked important things such as design. On top of that, there were many things mixbr0 couldíve exploited with this mechanic that he missed out on. I would say that this an above-average game that can have lots of future potential.

Side Note:

Right now, I am trying to help bring attention to potential game makers. If you think one of your games is worthy of a review, feel free to message me on my page. But please be patient for the reviews. Also, I know many of you are wondering why I didnít add a rating and such. The reason why I did this is because I believe that itís kind of silly to rate games based on a number that you came up with. Words can describe better than numbers.