Base 1.1

By maddogten :: Saturday August 7th, 2010

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One day a man was sleeping, and his friends decided to play a prank on him. They put him in the back of their truck, but, as they drove by a cliff, they hit a large pothole and the guy in the back flew out and landed on a ledge. He landed by a shield and a sword and equipped them both. He stood up and saw a sign proclaiming that the area beyond belonged to the U.S. Army and that he should not enter. He tried to climb back up the cliff without success. He looked down from the ledge he had landed on, and could see guards at the bottom. He looked further and could see what was left of the base; apparently a gang or other form of organized militia had taken over the base. The entrance to the base is locked, so he has to find some keys or another way to open them. What will happen next? First in a series of "Base". ----This game is an Improved Version of "Base 1".----


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