Sceptile's Story

Review by magmatar on Sunday, November 3rd 2013

Hello everyone. Guys and girls who are reading this review about Sceptile. I have written this review to explain everything that has happend to Sceptile. Everything that happend to him, his story, his popularity, everything. I hope you guys are ready. I know I am.

Sceptile came on here in 2007, where he was just another one of those extreme noobs on the Mainsite. He was making shooter games that had nothing to do with there titles. Right when Sceptile was about to leave, Geoff made the Physics Puzzle Maker. Hopefully you all know about it xD. Scpetile made one, very clean and enjoyable game. Many people liked it and praised this young member about his skills on Physics. He began to make a lot more, each better than the previous. He built up a lot of popularity and had an extreme amount of fans. Then something went terribly wrong.

Geoff also made another game maker called the Platformer Game Maker. This new maker got everyone to its heels and a lot of people made games, and only so many got popular. Sceptile hated the new system, and stood with the Physics maker. Then, this one member made a Platformer game months after the creator began. Its title was a very famous app today called "Temple Run". Temple Run got very very popular. Once it got over 50,000 views, Sceptile became envious and said to Jaden these very words: "I don't often think games are hacked just because of an insane view amount, but I think this one might be, i mean, with a bland thumbnail, only a couple coments, and a bland name, you'd think this would only have one or two views. Someone really should do some investigating on this..." Scpetile's message saying to Jaden to delete the game has been deleted by ither Geoff or Lordeldar, one of Sceptile's best friends.

When Sceptile blackmailed Jaden964, a mod banned him for poor behavior. It was only for one week. Sceptile became furious. He didn't wait the week out, instead he made an account called "Ghostsceptile" (Which is now deleted by Geoff)

An made bleep and other disgusting games on the new account. Once Geoff found out about this, he permanetly IP banned Scpetile, and locked two account, Sceptile, and Ghostsceptile. He was banned on January 15, 2012.

Sploder became an uproar. Almost every game was about Sceptile leaving. All these fans spammed his page, all flaming eachother on it instead of being mature, which didn't help the situation one bit. People still do it even today. Spam useless text on his page.

Sceptile had a forums account before he got banned. He wrote a message on the forums. The exact words were - "Hello to everyone here at Sploder. After years of being offline and such, I've decided that I want to come back here, not as a fame-hog who lets it all go to his head, but just as a casual user who only makes games once in a while.

I've heard through emails that the mod team has kindly deciced to forgive me for my jerk behaviour. Again, I apologize for behaving in such a way. I assure you, THIS Sceptile will not let fame go to his head like it did before. I'll just use Sploder casually from now on. Thanks.

Oh ... also, i can't log into the main site. I'm assuming my account is still banned, although I don't know for sure. The email password reset function is failing too. Can somebody please sort this out? Thanks." - I made these hyphens and quotations so you can see when it starts and ends. Poeple on the forum told people on the Mainsite what they saw, and yet another uproar happend. Sceptile made another appearance on the forums. It was called "Sceptile's Ultimate Fate". I will not post it unless enough people want to see it. It is about Sceptile saying he's 16 and has given up. He might use another account but most likely not.

This is the end of the story, now I will post reality to you guys.

Everyone, this is sad. People spam on his page. Everyone does. Which is one of the main reasons Sceptile won't come back. Most of you didn't even have accounts yet. Sceptile was the past guys. There are game makers just as good as Sceptile. This is the end of the review. I hope you all ry to work together and settle posting on his page. See you all later.