Windows 10 Simulator DEMO

By mahd :: Saturday April 23rd, 2016

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The new Windows 10 has been released by Microsoft. Here is a 'Sploder version' Windows 10 Simulator by Mahd. Created by using Sploder's 'Physics Puzzle Game Maker'. On the first level, you'll see the intro. On the second level, you just have to lift the welcome screen which tells the time by dragging it upwards with your mouse and then when the screen is gone, you'll see the log-in screen! Press the log-in arrow to log-in into Admin 10's (you) account, but don't press the power button! On level 3, Open the start menu by clicking the new Windows icon on the lower left corner. When the start menu shall be opened, click the stylish 'e' icon. That icon is of Microsoft Edge, a new internet browser for Windows 10. On level 4 (This is the end): Press the search bar of Google to type 'win' and then WIN! But what will happen in the full version of the game? (This is only a demo) Want the full version? Please rate & nominate! Graphic Credits: (Level 1: Few graphics by Sploder and other by Mahd) (Level 2: Some Graphics by Sploder and others by Mahd) (Level 3: Few Graphics by Sploder. Google Chrome icon: kingoffangdams. Mozilla Firefox icon: xploder585. Settings (gear) icon: funckot. Trash coming out of the recycle bin (Garbage Paper): geodesigner. All other graphics by Mahd.) (Level 4: Some graphics by Sploder others by mahd) Many graphics by Mahd are public. You can use them by searching them in the game creators. Please credit me if you use my graphics! I am not affiliated with Microsoft or Google. WANT TO WIN 1 MILLION BOOST POINTS?


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