Tigzon Island

By mangamixer :: Tuesday July 5th, 2016

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Featured by Mat7772! The story of Tigzon Island takes place in a resort-like island, known as Mango Island, as Tai Z. Takara and his friends, Leaf "Luna" Mechani and Arina "Ari" Sai are heading to their Professor’s house. However, A villainous pirate, known as Captain Rola Ratai and his group of Gearbotz pirates, vowing to seek the ancient crystals for treasures, had kidnapped Professor Yoki Hyundai and all of the cute-like creatures, known as The Puffies. Tigzon alongside with his friends must stop the Gearbotz pirates from getting the ancient crystals and save the captive Professor Hyundai and all of the cute-like creatures. Walkthrough for the game! - https://youtu.be/6xqu68J0uao


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