Wannabe Angry Birds?

Review by markark on Monday, May 23rd 2011
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Tower Killer 2 is a game created by lordeldar


This is my second review of a Physic game maker.

This game is called: Tower Killer 2, it is a game like Angry Birds, but allot different then Angry Birds should be.

Lordeldar created a Tower Killer 1 but cause he was going to publish a second we came out of a conclussion: review Tower Killer 2.


I never played game of lordeldar before, but when i playd Tower Killer 1 i wasnt that blown away. So I was wondering how he would make Tower Killer 2 better and better decorated.

I started this game with my mind on zero, so i could not be dissapointed, only get suprised. But what did I get....


When i started with level one of this game, i though: yeah he made it far better then Tower Killer 1. This level was suprising me and the first time i didnt know what to do, I was just shooting with the "shooter" to kill the pink smilie, but i needed to move the smilie to the coin. That was a good difference between that level and the other levels. The decoration in this level wasnt that good,, but still better then in Tower Killer 1. When i get to lvl 2 the smilies and thumbnails were pretty good placed, like in the origional Angry Birds, but his lvl was far to easy. I really hoped level 3 was good decorated and more challengin then the others, but it wasnt. You start a bit in air so when you start, youll fall down and one of your wheels will break. So the "shooter" slides to the left automaticly. That wasnt supposed to happen i think. The decoration in this level was also not that good as the levels before.

There were 10 levels but I decided to stop reviewing here, cause the levels didnt get better, or different.


- Make the decoration better, like back-ground thumbnails.

- Make it more challenging, and harder. (less bullets, etc)

- The shooter "unmoveable" so you cant ride agains obstacles, shooter glitched and the game is ruined by that.

- You can also edit the bullets, cant explain just figure out.(or watch other peoples games).


Action: __/_____

Puzzle: _/_____

Thumbnails: __/_____

Challenge: __/_____

Decoration: __/_____

__Overall__ : __/_____


This wasnt one of the best games i played, far from that.

I this he had alot of ideas but just could reallise them in the game, next time you make games like this you can always ask people how to make something that will really increase your game, im sure. Try making the game better with my tips if you want a higer rating next time.



Tower Killer 2 Reviewed by markark on Monday, May 23rd 2011. Wannabe Angry Birds? - A game review written by markark for the game 'Tower Killer 2' by lordeldar. Rating: 4