.:RR:.A Tower Killer Game, Again!

Review by markark on Monday, June 6th 2011
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Tower Killer 3 is a game created by lordeldar

This has been a __RR__:


This is the second game I review from Lordeldar, and its also the second Physic game I review from him. Yes! Its also the second Tower Killer game I review from him. I was a bit dissapointed that he gave me a second Toower Killer game, cause Tower Killer 2 wasnt that attracting me. So the score for this game started with a: -1. I hoped he used the tips a gave him for a next Tower Killer, lets see if he used them...

Level 1

Level 1 of this game was just a little puzzle. You just needed to get the brick out of a wall, so itll fall down on the head of a bad smilie. The puzzle here was, there is a brick up there with a ball on it, so I was first thining. "ooh I need to get that ball rollig through the wall so itll hit the bad smilie. But the ball will hit every time the wall just beneed the moving brick. So after trying that 3 times i gave up. I though: There must be another way, so it was more simple then i expected. Just shoot the moving brick in the wall. The moving wall will fall down, BOOM on the head of the bad smilie. So that was level 1.

Level 2

Level 2 was allot more different then the other levels i played in Tower Killer 2. You needed to use the movement of the shooter to crush the walls that were defending the bad smilies. The hardest challenge in this level was the most up smilie in the game. You needed to shoot a stone high in the sky *I believe i can fly to th...., mark back to work* so it flies over the wall and land on the head of the: most-up-bad-smilie. A weird thing in this game were the brick you could respawn by pressing the "space" button, but there was no point of that. So I prefered some more art instead of pointless adds.

Level 4

Level 4 was pretty weird. You can fly with your shooter, but its so HARD to make it move. The smilies in the "stone cages" in the air are just easy to shoot. Theres a big smilie in this game also, altough I dont get the point of that one. It was uncrusable and there was no sensor effect.

The only hard challenge in this level is the smilie thats in the blue adamant wall. I dont get how i beated it, it was just hit when i was watching my shooter flying uncontrollable. Also in this level there wasnt allot of decoration. Whats making this level more easy, you have endless bullets/stones to shoot.

Level 6

This was the hardest level in the whole game. You just have 20 seconds to beat the game. You need to shoot the big wall fast, while the big wall is falling shoot the bad smilie that up a round platform. When the big wall is down, you need to shoot far to get 3 smilies down, they are hiding in a "ice bunker". Last smilie in this level is easy to kill, its in open field. Free for you last 5 stones. This game was also best decorated of all the other levels. Its not good decorated i mean, but if you look at the other levels, its good decorated.

Level 8

This is just a normal level of the game. That you can move a smilie in the left-up corner is not important, you cant do anything with it. I dont see the point of it here to. Maybe to let see he understands the controls of Physic's? But back to the level. The smilies that are in front of you are very, very easy to kill. But if you didnt see the coin in the left-down corner, you wont beat the game. The 2 smilies that are in the "bunkers" that are in mid-air are harder to get. You need to splash them by pushing the wall you can hit against it with your stones. Then the last smilie in the game is there, kill it and get to the last level.


In this game the challenge is pretty good. Just good I must say. The levels are not from: easy, less easy, normal, hard, etc. But just randomly made. Not very important, but just for the old-school game types. Start easy, end hard as we all now. As in the other Tower Killer game, the decoration wasnt good again. That dissapointed me much. Decoration is very important to make a game better looking attract you more, I think. Puzzles are just normal, not very good but not that bad and easy also. At least i wan to say something about the most POINTLESS things in this game: the smilies you can move in closed rooms. Why? I really dont get the point of that, as I already said, get more decoration instead of that. Lets go to the RATIGNS!!!


Challenge: ____/_____

Action: __/_____

Puzzle: ___/_____

Decoration: _/_____

Placement: __/_____

Better then T.K 2: ___/_____


Overall: ___/_____


-More decoration.

-Make the shooter unmoveable.

-Harder to figure out what to do, not endless bullets, etc.

-More use of that drag smilies to make it a bit special as in level 10.


Tower Killer 3 Reviewed by markark on Monday, June 6th 2011. .:RR:.A Tower Killer Game, Again! - A game review written by markark for the game 'Tower Killer 3' by lordeldar. Rating: 3