Yes, My Hand Is STEADY!

Review by markark on Wednesday, June 22nd 2011
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How Steady Is Your Hand is a game created by quadratic

Today im reviewing a PPG thats already featured. You guys have already play it, atleast I think you played it already. Whatever, lets get started!!!


I like the PPG most personally, cause you can make so many different stuff with it, like traps, puzzles, hazards, etc. This PPG is created by: Quadratic, and its called: How Steady Is Your Hand. Quadratic is a new member to Sploder, this was his first game and it directly got featured. So thats a very good start for a new member I think. But back to the game.

The title is already asking you for accepting a challenge. I clicked on it, and accepted the challenge.

The Review

Level 1

In this level Quadratic is giving you some tips and he explains what the collor of bricks means. Green is tough able, red is also tough able, but youll lose a life then. There are also some metalic balls moving, those things are making the challenges of this game and especialy level one.

You start in level one in the middle-left corner. 4 balls are moving. First and third one are moving up and down. Second and fourth are moving down and up. You need to choose the right moment to across them. Do it fast, cause the balls are pretty speedy. After that, there's a red block moving up and down, its easy to avoid. Then the last challenge of this game. Again some metalic balls moving to other sides, also timing is pretty important here. But youll beat it if youve a bit experience and finally tough the yellow block to finish the first level.

Level 2

This level is so much harder then level one. Most people will die here time and time, you start in middle-up corner. The same start as in level one, but the walls are red now so dont tough them. Then you first need to get a key before youre able to reach the goal. The key is pretty hard to get. 4 Metalic balls are moving but theyre moving so you have just 1 second to cross them, or youll tough one of them, and die. You need to pass this hazard twice, first time to get the key, second time to go back to the goal. But cause you get the key, a red wall will start moving from the left to the right in front of the goal. So you must be fast when its out of the game, or youll get hit by it.

Level 3

This level was really challenging me, I was trying over and over again and finally get far. You start just in a calm, friendly green chamber, but whats that? An army of metalic balls and moving red platforms!!! I dont exatly know how to explain this. Theres a red platform going up and down, it closes the chamber when its down. You need to choose the right moment to go to accros the first red platform, but when its the wrong moment, you get crushed between a wall and the second red platform, in the space after the first red platform there are also 4 metalic balls moving from the left to the right. So all by all, you need to time, avoid and be fast to cross the first challenge of this level. Then there are 2 keys, witch one do you need? Both maybe? Dont tell you but you need get back when you have them and reach the goal while avoiding some metalic balls and red platforms.

Level 4

Awww man, this game is getting better and better when you get far. This is a kind of a minigame level i think. Just going left and right, all the walls are red exept the left wall. On each turn theres a metalic ball moving up and down. Not very hard to avoid. This is the whole level your doing this like 6 times and then you reach the goal.

Patience is the biggest enemie in this level.

Level 5

Again something totally different from the other levels. Rating blocks. There are just a few places where you can cross them. There are 2 keys in this level and a big blue wall. I didnt explain blue wall yet, blue wall are connected to a key and will react when you tough them, dissappear, start moving, etc. So when you cross the first line of red blocks you tough the first key. When you tough that key, you just need to push the blue wall against the goal and TA-DA you beat this level. Again in this level timing and patience are important to beat it.

Level 6 and 7

In level 6 there are 2 long red wall from the left to the right. Theyre moving up and down slowling. There are also 2 coples of 2 red walls moving up and down. Theyre moving pretty fast, there are 2 goals in this level. But if you get the first one the other is easy to get.

In level 7 is the hardest level from this game, you need to drag a player for the left to the riht and then Quadratics name will appear :O. So that was the end level and the whole game.


Very good challenges, the levels are mostly different from each other what keeps you suprised and paying attention to the game. Decoration wasnt needed in this game, that would make it also very anoying I think. Just good chosen collors of the platforms. Also use of the keys was a good thing, so people cant just get lucky accros an obstacle once, but need skills to beat it twice on the way back.


None so far i can see.

Now the rating whooodepoodaa!


Action: __/_____

Challenge: *****/***** (perfect score!)

Bricks: ___/_____

Puzzles: ____/_____

Scenery: ___/_____

Addictivenes: ____/_____


Overall rating: ____/_____


Just an E P I C game. E P I C, yes E P...Ill stop. Only some action wasnt in this game but it wasnt needed, maybe something the things explode when you hit it or something but nothing importants. I dont have any tips for this game.

Go on making this games Quadratic!!!


How Steady Is Your Hand Reviewed by markark on Wednesday, June 22nd 2011. Yes, My Hand Is STEADY! - A game review written by markark for the game 'How Steady Is Your Hand' by quadratic. Rating: 4