AN EPIC GAME!!! ( 4 Review)

Review by markark on Saturday, November 27th 2010
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Cosmos Mind is a game created by pluton

Cosmos Mind is an game created by: pluton.

The game: it is a very good game, nice puzzles and a lot of rooms you can or must go in to find something you need. Its a pretty hard game and you'll need good skillz to beat this game. The only thing is that there are a lot of lags. You need also a lot of patience, you'll get a live and power ups when you almost DEAD!

Story: First you start in the water and need to turn on a switch to got over the lava, then you need in the room you come in to switch of the second switch so you can get furher. You run over the lava and before you know, the 'bridge'is away and you fall into the lava, SORRY!! XD


enemie place ment: 6/10

puzzles: 10/10 Great job!!

story line: 8/10

scenery: 7/10

power-ups: 8/10

lag: 3/10 sorry, but the lag was very high.

Overall: 7/10 without the lag it'll be the best game i ever played!!!!!!!!!!



Cosmos Mind Reviewed by markark on Saturday, November 27th 2010. AN EPIC GAME!!! ( 4 Review) - A game review written by markark for the game 'Cosmos Mind' by pluton. Rating: 3.5