Mayans Were Strong!!

Review by markark on Sunday, December 26th 2010

This game called Ancient Mayans Treasure is created by: evilbrainkiller. I must say that i never played games of him before, thats a shame cause i really like this game. So it could be possible that i like more of hes games. There was one thing i noticed on this game especialy, you will start on a place like on the picture, but on second after clicked "start" youll be send to a other place. WITHOUT A TELEPORTER!


This game is (too) hard, not many people has played it yet so it could be possible that Im just not good enough to beat the game. The game Ancient Mayans Treasure is very hard, but also good for training you skills. You have to fight against a lot of "Mayans" that want to stop you from getting theire treasure. This game is not hard cause the enemies are strong, but they are just with many and are very good placed by evilbrainkiller. Cause there are so less health power-ups you must be very carefull when getting into a fight. You must choose a moment when the enemie isnt watching your way, or when he just trow a Spear to you so he needs to grab another before he can attack you again. The "puzzles'' in this game are fun. Like the sand wall that you cant destroy fast without needed to touch the blue switch on the roof of the room. Cause the switch is in the middle and only the trapoline isnt enough to get so high you need to use "sword climbing" and then jump at the righ moment to the middle to touch the button. evilbrainkiller also added alot of information in this game about the Mayans gods. I dont know if they are true, but i have read them. Theyre about the gods like the: god of self killing and the god of gold. Pretty fun, the back ground is good chosen soo far, cause its the same as the ground so you cant see easylie were you need to go.


This game is very hard, new people wont be able to make it far in this game. Also pros wont be able to just make fun when playing this game, they must pay all the attention to the game. This game has also puzzles in it. I told one in the Pretough. The challenge in this game is very high. I wanted to play this game time and time. The disign of this game is also good. There are keys in this game that you need to get further in the game. The enemies placement in this game is very good. You cant almost attack them without getting hurted. There is a lot of action in this game. Thats one of the most important things to game like this i think. So thats why i liked it so much. The power-ups are too less placed in this game, what wont make it albe to make it far in this game. Whats a shame cause then you cant see the rest of this awesome game.

Ratings** out of 10

-Action: ________
-Puzzle: ______
-Design: ______
-Fun: _______

-Overall: ______

But the 6 (5,8) is just cause you didnt place enough power-ups. Or no power-ups so far i know. So you really need to add that powerups so youre game will get a 7


Ancient Mayans Treasure Reviewed by markark on Sunday, December 26th 2010. Mayans Were Strong!! - A game review written by markark for the game 'Ancient Mayans Treasure' by evilbrainkiller. Rating: 3