?Im Gunned?

Review by markark on Sunday, December 26th 2010
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?Gun Point? is a game created by stickmanninja

This game called: ?Gun Point? has been created by: stickmanninja. This game is not that hard so far i made it trough it, but theres a place you cant get throuh cause the walls are to close to each other. I said it to him but he asked me to review it, so here it is. BTW, i made a special thread to ask it but no one react so, do say it to me now.


In this game you start at the triger of the gun. You hold over the trigger and......?teleported? youre in the game. You will not be tested to hard in the begin, just some shooters and guard that tries to stop you, finding the cristals. Then you face a Cruiser, hes strong but you can kill him by using good skills and behind obstacles so he cant shoot you full into your head. When this is done, you get in a teleporter, there an obstacle on that teleporter you get teleported to. There can happen two things, so far i know: or you get pushed to the left, you out of the map and you cant do anything. You can hit a speeder with bombs to get it into door but that wont help you to get back. So FAILURE! Second thing that can happen you get in the room, very small and the door blocks your way. So you need to know you have to hit the speeder thats in front of the doors. Bomb youll have to use to get it, when thats fixed you will get further. Hold on......Further? No, then youll face the corridor where the walls are to close to each other so its impossible i say.


This game includes art. Like the gun on the picture of the game. The action in this game is pretty high, what will get a lot of challenge with it. Youll need some skills to make it where i made it too, but not many. Health is not the point is this game, theres just enough. Not too many aswell so thats a " " on this game. The enemies are good placed, so there wont be lags or glitches. They wont also block your way so you cant shoot or get further, there are the wall for.

Ill rate this game to what ive seen of it.

Ratings** Out of 5

-Action: ___
-Puzzle: _
-Art: __
-Enemies: __
-Lag: ___

Overall: ** out of 5.

But cause the game isnt possible. ( so far i can see)

I give it a _:

I think this game is good Stickmanninja, maybe you can change the game so its possible, i hope youll do.


?Gun Point? Reviewed by markark on Sunday, December 26th 2010. ?Im Gunned? - A game review written by markark for the game '?Gun Point?' by stickmanninja. Rating: 3