Kiss Or Bite?

Review by markark on Tuesday, December 28th 2010
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Kiss is a game created by ju44

This game is called: Kiss, i think the name Bite was better chosen. Ju44 has created an extremly hard game. Lets review it!!!


Id like this game, cause its very challenging. Especialy when i get out of the first room i though "Huray". Ther are puzzles in this game, and theyre very hard. Ill tell people how to get out of the first room: Get under one of the crushers thats going "up and down". Get close as possible to the wall, when the crusher is going to hit you continu click on the down button. You get pushed out of the room then. There are just enough enemies in this game. Good placed so they make it pretty hard to get past them. ju44 hast paid much attention to close the game so you can get easiely out it. But you wont be able to beat the game then. I think there are just too less power-ups/health in this game so its very hard/impossible to beat it. As you can see nowbody has beaten the game so far. The enemies he placed arent that strong, but the mutant are on a higher platform than you so you can kill them without getting much hurted. But if you can get past the mutants there are a lot of power-ups waithing for you. So all by all i like this game pretty much, but i hope ju44 will add some health and Power-ups.


This game includes, yes it does: Puzzles!! I think ju44 made this game for puzzles, its more puzzling than figting. Cause the puzzles are so good the scenery is pretty fine. And also the few enemies are good fun. Out of the puzzles it isnt that hard to get further, there are just block upon each other, you just need to jump,walk and climb. So not the most challenging game out of the puzzles. As I said theres too less power-ups, whats making the game very disappointing. The few enemies are well placed by ju44, so its very hard to get past them, once theyre killed its easy as i told you. The design in this game is normal, not bad but also not epic. Its just well chosen on the room and corridors. In this game you really need experience with the "sword climb" technique. If you are good with it, the game will be less hard for you.

Ratings** Out of 5

-Action: __
-Puzzle: ____
-Enemies: ___

-Powerups: -

-Design: _

Overall: __


You really need to put some power-ups in this game ju44 than will the game Kiss less hard and more fun to play!!!


Kiss Reviewed by markark on Tuesday, December 28th 2010. Kiss Or Bite? - A game review written by markark for the game 'Kiss' by ju44. Rating: 3