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Review by markark on Thursday, December 30th 2010
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Versailles Gardens 2 is a game created by tudorsavaki

This game called: Versailles Gardens 2 is created by: tudorsavaki. I knew tudorsavaki as an good reviewer, but i never thought i was good in making games!!! Lets review it.


In this game its most important that you look forward, so you can see that if you go to that chamber, youll find just an dead end. There are a lot of enemies in this game, not strong but just good enough to get your health down. I liked this game pretty much cause you cannot die by getting your health up, but just to get catched by traps. Like the one where youre in a cel. Like what happened in real. I had never heard from fight in the garden of Versailles, but when i played this game, im gonna think it was. Its a good game for beginners cause they wont meet the strongest enemies, they can just shoot and kill alot of them. But this game is also good for more experienced people cause of the traps and the bombers. The real beginners wont beat this game, and if you stop after failling one time also not. Just pros like: Empoleon,Maxliam,Bgscurtis and other good people. There a "enough" power-ups and health for you. Sometimes a bit pointless, cause you had faced just one speeder. There's something at this game what attracted me to play it more than normal time i play games. Maybe cause its challenging, or maybe cause it fun to play this game.


In this game theres not a lot of art, just cause its an maze it looks nice. But in this game i wasnt very smart to use art, cause as the title says: Versailles Gardens, garden dont have art in itself. Instead of the flowers and trees and other stuff. The enemie-placement is just normal, not that good but also not very bad. Like the bombers that you cant reach or enemies that are just in the middle of and chamber. The game has also a good challenge in it, cause its a big game, you can go a lot of different ways and there are numberless chambers. The scenery is not that good, there is no real action in this game. So thats wont be able to creat good scenery. Theres not a lot of action cause tudorsavaki placed the enemies not close to each other, they wont help each other and wont attack you at the same time. The game itself is a puzzle, cause of the numberless rooms, ways and traps. BTW, traps in this game are pretty good, you get a small history less when you get in one.

Ratings** Out of 5

-Action: _
-Puzzle: ____
-Enemies: __
-Scenery: _

Overall: __

You need to place more enemies in one chamber tudor, or just harder enemies. Than the Power-ups will be enough and scenery will be better to. But i like this game.


Versailles Gardens 2 Reviewed by markark on Thursday, December 30th 2010. Napoleon Story - A game review written by markark for the game 'Versailles Gardens 2' by tudorsavaki. Rating: 2