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Review by markark on Friday, December 31st 2010
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age of war 6 is a game created by bricekinney

I was a bit chocked when i saw that bricekinney is playing Sploder for 2 years now. Cause i though when i played the game he was an beginner. age of war 6 is typical an game that beginners will make. But maybe this one is a little better then beginner games( most of beginner). Lets review!!!


When i start in this game i though: Okay, this will be a normal game, but when i see the overdosis of power-ups at the left of me, all fun was off the game. Its just shooting guys and get some of the overflow of health. The only thing in this game you need is patience for run back for healt. Futher you have just to run and shoot. Especialy when you get the atomic power-up. All the enemies that you see will die in a few seconds. Theres no puzzle in this game thatll will get that is not very fun to play. Cause of the decoration its not nice to look at the game. Just block placed to make chamers. No obstacles or traps and the enemies are placed too weird. You need to use the jet-pack to reach other enemies you cant see. Only when you made the game its possible to know that, or when you asked ofcourse. When i killed all the enemies on the ground, i hoped itll be better up the blocks. But that wasnt what i see, just 10 doors, placed after each other. Archies that get stucked in them so you cant kill them anymore( that happened by me). The enemies and the overdosis of power-ups arent good placed. Just in the middle of a room or just lying on the ground right in front of your nose. Theres no lag in this game, but theres also less action so thats not weird. There are just glitches with the doors and enemies.


As i said:"Theres no action in this game", if theres no action, there wont be much scenery. Those two things are very important for a game to make it fun to play. Its like domino in this game, cause "that" is bad, "that" is also bad. Like the enemies and power-ups arent placed well. Scenery and also action wont be in this game. Puzzles arent in this game anywhere so that will get the kind of fun very low.

I stop reviewing this game now, i think you know why.

ratings**out of 5

-Action: _
-Puzzle: _
-Enemies: __
-Puzzle: _
-Lag: ____

Overall:a min __

Im very sorry bricekinney, but i have to be honest when i review games. Your water avoider games are cool and fun, but youd better remake this game.