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Review by markark on Sunday, May 8th 2011
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Wrath of Saturn is a game created by deathleaf

Its been a long time ago since my last review, but im back with one of the best Physick game thats been created!!!


This is a Physic game called: Wrath of Saturn.

The game is created by: deathleaf.


I really like the Physic games, cause people can creat what they want. Cause of that, there will be a lot of different game types that you can play. So how more origional you are, the more people like it. And this one was/is very origional.


When i saw the picture of the game, i though it was just a game like: move righ, left, up down, but when i started the game, i saw many thing moving like walls and floors. Then i though:" this going to be interesting". But it didnt look that hard at first sign. Ill never make a mistake again in games of deathleaf, there are alot of traps you wont forsee, moving is more hard you could expect and things will always suprise you.


So when i started the game; I started in the left-up corner of the game. The begin ist that hard, just move left, right left and youll fall down atomaticly. But theres the first challenge! Walls moving from left to the right, if you wanna know what will happen, just jump between them, but i didnt. I was not very hard to jump over the walls, but still a good challenge, especially when your connection is "lagy". After the walls there will be a trap on your way and people im sure: everyone who played the game for the first time, died there if they didnt die earlier in the game. Its just a tiny part of the floor, when you hit it all your lives will flew away and youre dead. And even as you know the trap was there, it was very hard to jump over it. But lets go to the next part(s). The part after the trap is that hard, just moving left and right again, a nice elevatorof 4 tiny stones will get you up a higher platform.

A really big challenge will appear after that: moving floors. You need to jump from floor to floor to get to the highes point of the game. But dont get between two floors, thatll be your dead!!!

Wanna know how it **ENDS**???

Go play the game by yourself by clicking the picture of this review.


Action: __/_____

Puzzle: ___/_____

Challenge: *****/***** (EPIC!)

Scenery: ___/_____

Traps: ___/_____

#Creations: ____/_____

Overall: ___/_____

# = a new kind of Physic ratings, how you built the game and the tiles you created get a rating. (in my reviews)


A nice game, a little more action make it a perfect game!!!

Stay on making this games Deathleaf, GREAT JOB!!!


Wrath of Saturn Reviewed by markark on Sunday, May 8th 2011. A Phy"SICK" Game - A game review written by markark for the game 'Wrath of Saturn' by deathleaf. Rating: 3