Let Us All Cooperate!

Review by master106 on Friday, November 20th 2015
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Cooperators is a game created by makever

Hi everyone, a while ago I reviewed a game by Makever called Cooperators! Here is the review. Judging from a previously made game from Makever called Jumpie, Makever is an amazing game creator! He really gets us entertained. So I was expecting another outstanding game from him, then when I heard he was making a new game called Cooperators, I was really hyped! Now zoom to the day I start playing it.

When I started off playing it, I see the title rolling across the screen. Then an arrow rolling just after it. Yeah it was just the title but, there is one thing... It was going so slow! That brings you to my first problem, the first time you play it, it is fine. The anticipation, yeah-yeah, BUT, every-time when I decide to replay the game I have to sit through the slow-moving title. The title kind of gets annoying after a while. That is just the title though let me get to the game, you have a nice select screen at the start of each world. Yes I am calling them worlds since there is 4 levels inside each of them and it may get confusing. So yeah, select with space on play and here we go. Then this brings me to confusion. What do you do? Well umm... I do not know. Then after a while I figured out what I supposed to do. Makever added no little hints about what you need to do. Sure there is the story option but, who has time to read that? Anyway once you get the hang of what you need to do, playing the game is a sinch!

Playing it I notice the nice scenery and art-style that been put into this game. This actually makes me feel like I am playing a real game. This also reminds me of how I felt playing his other featured game Jumpie, and Makever even added a few graphics from Jumpie to this game. Makever even added nods to other games in his game, it is just unique. One of the nods includes a level called The Rainbow Of Mai And Rus, where it almost did something similar to what Rus and Mai's collaboration game Rainbow did. Another game that this game reminds me of is Graviticity by Youngcaliman, with the character designs and the game play being similar.

Looking at the game, it looks like Makever spent a lot of time working on it add to that how many levels are in the game. I am assuming that the game has 32 levels as that I only got up to level 24. His last game ended with a credits level so, I believe he has a credits level in this one too and he has 4 levels in each world so, I am guessing 32 levels. Oh, why did you only get up to level 24 you ask? I spent a long time to get up all the way to there to find that the guys jump down in level 24. This is a glitch in the making of the game but, it was game breaking. So, I had to do what was necessary, give up, and then report the glitch in the comments. Makever has replied that he fixed it so, I believe it's fixed now. There is a bunch of minor glitches in the level but, it doesn't matter.

I am sure the story is fine but, I didn't feel like reading all that. So I played without reading the story. It is fine to play it without the story and it still works out fine so that is good. For the game-play, I loved it! Each character has different and unique control set. There is some that just jump, there is some that just move left and right and some that move up and down, etc. They might have different gravity pulls as well. Some pull up, down, sideways left and sideways right. Then there is different colors of each guy. White and black, which the colors signify what they can and can not go through. Like the black characters can only collect the black star and white characters can only collect the white star. You have to keep in mind of all this when doing the puzzles. I like how the game's puzzles work out. You really have to think to solve each one. Most of them use your knowledge of things in the game to solve them. The whole game seems advanced and really unique actually. Adding on the that each world has different environments and I like how the environment adds to this game. It gives a sense of uniqueness. One of the worlds you even interact with the environment. It is in no doubt interesting. Though there is a few bad points in the game, there is most definitely more good to the game than there is bad. So that brings us to the closing of this review! Here we go!

Pros Of Game:

Brings A sense of uniqueness.

Scenery and art of the game is wonderful.

Puzzles and challenges a very nicely done.

Game-Play is great.

Looks like it was worked on very hard.

Cons Of Game:

Slow Introduction to the game.

Bad at explaining what to do at the start.

Scoring Of Game:

Game-Play - 8/10

Art and Scenery - 10/10

Playability - 8/10

Difficulty - 8/10

Challenges and Puzzles - 9/10

Score Overall- 8.5/10

The difficulty works out great, it starts off going easy on you then it gets harder as you progress. It is simple. I loved the art and scenery and how it worked out with the puzzles by what you know of the game-play. Yes, it is playable. It just needs to explain a bit more at the beginning. All this packs together nicely in this game and that's what makes it a great game. I suggest this game for everyone that enjoys video games to play. This is Master106 and I'll see you again next time. Bye!


Cooperators Reviewed by master106 on Friday, November 20th 2015. Let Us All Cooperate! - A game review written by master106 for the game 'Cooperators' by makever. Rating: 5