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Review by master106 on Saturday, May 7th 2016
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Drop Zone is a game created by gallade265

Hey Bros, today I am dropping in to review a game made by Gallade265 called Drop Zone. Drop Zone is a game that was recently featured from the time I wrote this review. Before I played the game I thought that it seemed like an interesting concept, though I was inferring what the concept was at that time. I thought it would be an interesting and fun game to play. I dropped right in to play it and here is what I have thought of it.

With the first level, we dropped into the game right off the bat. The game was kind of interesting. Though I got only some of the concept right I see. There was a bit more to the concept, you actually had to do certain other actions in the game. Yes basically the game is you falling down but, you had to avoid hazards, go through obstacles, avoid enemies, etc. Well with the first level, I thought he made pretty good choices with that level. That level pretty much hooked me into the game, like it was supposed to. It actually worked out well from me according to the first impression.

I did notice the overuse of health replenishment items though. With all those health items, the game pretty much seemed a bit too generous to me. I also noticed some non-regenerating items in the game as well. Which when you die, it would sort of bleep. These items don't mess with the game that much but, it still is something to note nevertheless. Also at some parts of the game it can get fairly tedious but, each time when that happens it does get forgiven by the next part.

Each level the theme is different yet similar structure. The theme changes the look of each level and gives a certain setting to them. Some themes he has in the game consist of a dojo setting, a futuristic-like stage, a cave setting, grassy stage, etc. Each theme works out with each level pretty well and the looks of each stage compliments the game a lot. Each level of the game does have a similar structure to it. You start flying down and then avoid hazards. It then starts to get tricky and then end up at the end of the level where there is a group of enemies and then you go through a door.

The enemies and hazards are the main point to this game besides falling down. Mostly through all of this game the enemies and the hazards are a bit well placed. I like throughout the game how he placed them. For the main point, I think it worked out pretty well. Especially with the first level which made flying though the level quite fun. On the other hand the futuristic level is a bit of a pain through some of it according to the hazards. Which that level was somewhat annoying. Besides that level the rest of the game worked out pretty well with the hazards.

With all of that, it is time for the conclusion. Here is my final thoughts:

Pros Of The Game:

Interesting concept

It is really fun

Hazards and enemies work out well

The look and scenery of the game works

The overall game-play

Great placement

A great first impression

Cons Of The Game:

Some generous health here and there

Can get a little tedious at some points

That one annoying future level

Scoring Of Game:

Game-Play - 8/10

Art and Scenery - 9/10

Playability - 9/10

Difficulty - 8/10

Challenges and Puzzles - 8/10

Score Overall- 8/10

I loved this game. I think for the most part, it worked out quite well. The concept is really interesting just to say. I do recommend people to try this game out. The game is really fun. It deserves its feature!


Drop Zone Reviewed by master106 on Saturday, May 7th 2016. Let's Drop Right Into This Review! - A game review written by master106 for the game 'Drop Zone' by gallade265. Rating: 4