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Review by master106 on Sunday, February 12th 2017
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minecraft is a game created by boytucker

What's up everybody, Konni and Demon. Welcome to my review that is just here to annoy you. I'm just kidding, please oh please don't kill me! Well I'm reviewing Boytucker's Minecraft game. It of course is not about Minecraft; who cares? Well since it was named that, I thought it was going to be a sandbox game. I seriously thought Boytucker of all people, actually recreated Minecraft in some interesting way on Sploder! Well to my surprise, it was not. But no matter, as long it is a good game. I would be okay with it. Anyway, both Konni and Demon had made simple reviews on this game before me. Both were fine reviews of the game. After their reviews, I decided to review it so, here I am.

Now let us get started. I went and played this game with an open mind. My open mind told me it was bad. Now why did I think this game was terrible? Well let me start off with the enemies. On the first level, they didn't work out too well. A first level of a game is supposed to guide and entice the player to what the game is going to be, instead the game drops you into the game without warning and basically punishes you for even playing the game in the first place. The enemies are just too tough to be first level enemies and aren't too akin to beginners. They aren't much to the pros either since it might just be a small chore to them.

Minecraft also fails in the playability factor. It doesn't hook me into the game that well. I do not feel like playing it and it just makes me rather play something else. However, it actually does succeed in graphics and scenery. They are pretty beautiful and are unique in some way and the blend together well. But that hardly gives me enough to say it is feature worthy. The best level of the game is the moon level, as it actually gives you something to do, though the placement just ruins the level a bit. The placement is not only bad in that level though, it is pretty bad in every level actually.

Now that I summarized my thoughts up for you, I'll tell you I don't think this game is feature worthy. I am not an editor, but that doesn't take away the right for me to have opinions. To me the game is just too uninspired and unoriginal. It just doesn't pop out in any way to me. That is what I think.

End of the review, closing thoughts:

Pros Of The Game:

Graphics and scenery blends in well

Cons Of The Game:

Bad Action Sequences

Playability Factor Doesn't Work Out

Barely Guides you through the game

Terrible Placement

The game is just Uninspired

Scoring Of Game:

Game-Play - 3/10

Art and Scenery - 9/10

Playability - 2/10

Difficulty - 1/10

Challenges and Puzzles - 2/10

Score Overall - 3/10

Bad game, I don't care, goodbye.


minecraft Reviewed by master106 on Sunday, February 12th 2017. A VideoGame - A game review written by master106 for the game 'minecraft' by boytucker. Rating: 1.5