The Magnificent Raft

Review by master106 on Thursday, July 23rd 2020
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Raft is a game created by bricc

This game is clearly the definition of life itself. It is so pure and magical. It definitely needs to be protected at all costs from maliciousness. This task may seem impossible, but only one man did it. The hero of our times, Master106, with his ingenious skills and pure strength. Some may look to many epics in the past like Beowulf and Romeo And Juliette as the best stories ever told. But in reality it is this one. The story rumored to be told by the great Master106 himself. The story of loss and redemption.

One day, the record was stolen by the evil Benisaewsome. Not until I came into the picture to save the world. Finally I did the impossible; the greatest historical achievement. I defeated the beast and claimed victory. Everything was perfect, but then Benisaewsome stood back up and took the record yet again... In that moment of utter defeat and pain I defeated him again, this time once and for all and the record went to who rightfully deserved it, Master106. Now Benisaewsome may deceive you and say I'm the evil one, but trust me, he is tricking you! That is what ferocious beasts do. I am the one and only one whom achieved the greatest accomplishment of all time.

Raft as a game is just indescribable. It exceeds all knowledge and humanity. It represents the dream of the whole universe and the death thereof. It has been said that one may never truly understand Raft but I say otherwise. I'm the one who understands, inside and outside. Every time I play the game, it enriches me in happiness.

By that I am giving this game a score of Infinity.

Now that might seem too low, that is because it is. That is not my actual rating. My actual rating is way higher than that, but the rating is so extremely big that it could not be written down. That is all.