SPIDER MAN Into the Spiderverse

By masterpranker :: Sunday February 17th, 2019

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Basically the same story as the popular animated movie of the same name, so this game contains spoilers if you haven't seen it. Taking place in Earth 1610(Known in the comics as the Ultimate universe) young African American and Puerto Rican teenager Miles Morales becomes the new Spider Man of his world after being bitten by a radioactive spider and witnessing the death of his world's Spider Man. Miles soon discovers that other heroes with spider powers from other universes got pulled into his universe by the evil crime boss Kingpin's super collider, with Kingpin intending to connect with alternate versions of his dead wife and son. With his newfound powers, Miles teams up with the heroes to send them back to their own universes and save his world from destruction at the hands of the super collider, while going from learning about how to handle being Spiderman to fully embracing his destiny as the Ultimate Spiderman after discovering that he needed to conquer his fears, which kept holding back his powers, as well as worsening important situations. Learning from his mistakes, Miles realized that he needed to conquer his fears to fully control his powers and become a hero, as well as realizing that anyone can wear the mask (anyone can be a hero) regardless of what makes them different from others as a person if they try their hardest and also have the courage to push aside fear and stand up to injustice as well. Characters: Miles Morales/Ultimate Spiderman- A young African American and Puerto Rican teenager who becomes the new Spiderman after witnessing the death of the Spiderman of his world. He is the main character of the story. Peter B. Parker/Spiderman - An older, depressed version of Spiderman from another universe who trains Miles so he can master his powers. Gwen Stacy/Spider Gwen: A young teenage girl who is bitten by a radioactive spider instead of her friend Peter Parker in Earth-65. She becomes Miles' close friend after meeting him and has faith in Miles, like Peter. Spider Man Noir: An alternate version of Peter Parker from Earth 90214, set in the year 1933. Peni Parker/SPDR: A young female Japanese American version of Peter Parker from Earth 14512 whose universe is set in the future, the year 3145. She pilots a robotic suit called SPDR, which is powered by a radioactive spider. The suit was created and formerly used by her father. Peter Porker/Spider Ham: A funny, cartoonish pig version of spider man from Earth 8311 who used to be a spider but was bitten by May Porker, who was covered in radioactive chemicals and eventually raises Peter, who has the same powers as Spider Man.


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