Little Boy

By mat7772 :: Tuesday December 20th, 2016

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-Note, no more awards for secret code, it's not... secret enough------------------------ You’re a little boy, in fact, eight years old. You have no idea what your name was, because your father died before you were born, and your mother died after birth. From the start of what you can remember, you’ve just been called “little boy”. After your mum died, the citizens in the village raised you. They didn’t dare to name you, because they believed it was a disrespect to name another child that wasn’t there’s. You slowly grew up, and at the age of five, you were doing light work, planting crops and harvesting mostly. Then one day, the volcano in your village rose. You didn’t think it was much, after all, the mayor ordered the council to block off the magmas path. But it rose again, and then spurted. At the time you saw many people dying. In fact, all but you died. So you flew away from the village, into a big world and a big adventure. But can a little boy like you really make it somewhere where he can live? Will the challengers be to tough to face? It’s all up to you, little boy…


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