I Hear Whispears, Are You Saying... Halloween?

Review by mat7772 on Wednesday, October 26th 2011
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Halloween Whispers. is a game created by roosters

Greetings, and welcome to my 4th review! What a personal achievement. Well, the game that I shall be reviewing today is Halloween Whispers. by roosters. I’ve always wanted to review one of his games, but never got around to it. But he did request for me to review this. Usually, I would say no, but my curiosity led me to this game.


I’ve played a few games from roosters in the past, and have seen what he can do with the shooter creator. To me, I really can rely on roosters to create that shooter that satisfies my taste for action, and one that expresses his arty side. I really do expect roosters to deliver another great shooter with action, challenge, definitely art, and a little bit of puzzles and traps thrown in at the odd occasion.


One thing that is really unusual about the thumbnail is I can’t see any artwork nearby. In nearly every other one of roosters games, he has made his game’s thumbnail include art. But I’m sure that roosters will include some more exceptional art throughout the game. It also looks symmetrical, which means it could make the game’s gameplay rather repetitive, which can lead me to boredom. Yet my expectations of there being a lot of action will still remain the same, as I can see lots of enemies in the thumbnail.


This game has many great things about it. It was perfectly executed, as the gameplay is enjoyable to play. Like every other of roosters games, he added that artistic touch to it, which makes the gameplay more enjoyable by looking at art. I think that the art wasn’t his best, but it was still a masterpiece.

There is no storyline included in Halloween Whispers.. But I’m pretty sure that it’s related to Halloween. A storyline could’ve be nice to see, even though everyone is sure this game is based off Halloween. So the next game you publish, roosters, make sure to add that storyline. Not only does it tell a story, it can grab the players attention and want to keep on playing. ;)

The enemies were greatly placed in most areas. Sometimes, there were some blank spaces where roosters could’ve put a turret or another neutral enemy, just to add that extra challenge. But despite some areas being blank, there were some fantastically placed enemies, where roosters forced you to fight them, causing you to lose more of your health.

Power-up placement I found was really weak around spider keys. There were some turret allies around the spider keys, which made fighting the spider keys a lot more easier, almost defeating them two times faster. Health placement is also another big issue. Even though I didn’t complete it on my first try, I did it on my second try with three half of my health left, which is disappointing. A thing I would recommend to do is to take the allies out at the spider keys. Other than that, power-up placement was OK.

Do you like blind mazes? If you do, Halloween Whispers. is the game for you!

Yes, you could tell by that sentence that this game included lots of the blind maze puzzles. There were power-ups that were placed behind an invisible wall, simply making you fight an enemy in front of it for nothing. This classifies as a trap, and quite a good one. Temptation can simply lead you to disaster, and I was tempted to get some mines, but only to discover that they were behind an invisible wall. Good job roosters, great puzzles and traps.

Halloween Whispers was like every other one of roosters games. It was creative, yet not. But like every other one of roosters games, there was nothing new about it, and there was no WOW factor. But the things that roosters used was a bit creative It can get a bit repetitive, which shows (To me, maybe not you) that roosters was running out of ideas. It was an enjoyable game to play, even though it was quite repetitive. So the creativity, is quite average.

In this game, there was definitely scenery. Roosters has been very artistic with this project, as usual, and has included a lot of art throughout the game. It’s stunning to look at, and it’s great to play through. But there wasn’t as much art I would’ve expected from roosters, yet there were quite a lot. The art was great and entertaining, just like the game!


Placement: Placement was quite good. Sometimes enemies could’ve been filled in in some of those empty spots, and power-ups could’ve been restricted around Spider Keys. Other than that, there was good placement.

Scenery: This is something I was expecting to have right from the start, and I was correct. The playfield definitely included scenery, and when you were fighting enemies around scenery, it felt more intense. Fantastic, roosters!

Puzzles and traps: Roosters puzzled you and tricked you throughout the game, and it sometimes can be quite frustrating. If roosters was trying to frustrate me, I think he got an B . It was sometimes a bit obvious after a while, but he really included great puzzles and traps.


Storyline: There was no storyline. If roosters included a storyline, the game could become a lot more interesting. It’s a good thing to include a story, even if it’s short. But when you grip the players attention by a storyline, the player isn’t going to back out any time soon.


Action: 4/5. There were some blank spots which roosters could’ve added an enemy to keep the player on his toes. But action was a great aspect of the game.

Difficulty: 4/5. Due to the allies placed around the Spider Keys, the difficulty was good, but not as good as it could’ve been.

Creativity: 2.5/5. It was pretty average, nothing special included, just average.

Placement: 3.5/5. It was good, but if you didn’t add as much power-ups, you would’ve got a better score. Also, there was some blank spots where enemies could’ve been added.

Puzzles and traps: 4/5. The blind walls was a great puzzle and trap. I liked it how you fought a cruiser just to find out that the power-up was hidden behind an invisible wall. Good job on tricking me.

Overall: 3.5/5


Halloween Whispers. was a great game to play, yet lots of improvements could’ve been made, but the pros outnumber the cons. I did enjoy playing this game though, there’s no doubt about that. So good job roosters on providing me a good game to play.

Feature worthy? No, I don’t think it is. The game could have been better in many different ways, like placement in power-ups and a bit more enemies in those blank spots. But there are some great things about this game, take the scenery for example. But overall, not feature worthy.


Halloween Whispers. Reviewed by mat7772 on Wednesday, October 26th 2011. I Hear Whispears, Are You Saying... Halloween? - A game review written by mat7772 for the game 'Halloween Whispers.' by roosters. Rating: 3