Could This Finally Be The Game Of All Games?

Review by mat7772 on Saturday, June 23rd 2012
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The-Game is a game created by enzo186


One of the world’s shortest sentences, I think, and I am using it in my review. How random. Well, today is the day when I review a game, um, yeah. Well, instead of me talking to myself, I’ll start a review that you can bore your way through. :D Oh, today I am reviewing “The-Game” by enzo186. Will it be the game of all of the games, or will it fail and be the game of… failure. Let’s see! (Oh, and this is my twelfth review!)


I know enzo as a very good friend, and a great game maker. One thing about his games though is lag. His games are magnificent, but along come lag, and then the game I’m playing is ruined, well, a bit. But what I’m expecting is puzzles, traps and lots of action.


When I look at the thumbnail, I either see a game with straight lines, a fascinating arty looking thumbnail, or a game that looks like I will be; “FIRIN’ MEH LAZAH!!!!”. This game is probably the third one, yayz! It looks like a game with puzzles, traps and action. My hopes for a good game have rose. YIPPEE AIY YAY!


The game starts off with- OH MY GEES THIS IS TURNING INTO A WALKTHROUGH ALREADY. //_- Let me start again. The game sta- has excellent action from start to finish, or at least pretty far in which I got to. It’s one of those games where you start off with little life… then get a bit more… then more… then less… and then you die! :D It’s also very addictive too. Now so far, The-Game is not the game of failures, but not exactly near the games of legends, so if The-Game is the game that I and hoping for, then The-Game will be exactly near the games of legends. (Confusing!)

Did this game puzzle me? Yes, it did. The puzzles were puzzling, they weren’t entirely creative though, but sometimes the surroundings enzo set (for example enemies) made them even harder to execute properly, so I top my hat off for that. Other puzzles were just in a quiet environment and were easier to execute, yippee! I have a better chance of winning! So, did this game trap me. Well, since there weren’t many traps, not really. I didn’t encounter many traps, in fact none at all. So enzo, please, for the love of love, include traps next time, okay? Okay. Thank-you. < 3

Enemy placement was pretty much perfect. The starting sequence gave the game an action feel, yes, action. I REPEAT, LAZAR- ACTION! Yes, good job enzo. Though I do feel that I was a little annoyed at launchers by the end of this game… :/. Well, I guess that shows enzo likes to annoy people. If he aimed for that, I’d give you around a perfect score, yay!

Health and power-ups were placed, and chosen, very well. At the start, my health would be limited, and then I’d pick up a little health, then a little more, and MORE, OMGEE MEGA HEALTH, then I’d lose so much health, and then eventually, lose the game. ^_^ Well, that shows that health was pretty much perfect from what I saw. And the fact that enzo would give you the amount of health needed to progress far into the game but still have a lots of difficulty was amazing! –Blows party whistle thingy mobob-

The scenery was kept quite simple, but it fitted the game like that. There was no scenery that made me go “OWOWOWOWOWOW” for an hour, but there was enough to make me go for a minute. I think if enzo made the scenery more complicated than it currently is now, it would’ve ruined the feel of the game. So another amazing job enzo. – Throws confetti – (Wow, it really seems I have a lot of party materials… OOOOOOOO!)

Creativity was kept top enzo’s own style. Yes, enzo’s shooter style is the one that has a quite wide playfield, but uses it to his advantage to make his game difficult. Anyway, the puzzles weren’t really that creative, but the way enzo made them in his game’s environment made them feel more creative than they actually was.


Action: Action was high throughout the game

Puzzles and traps: The puzzles and traps weren’t entirely good, some not being creative, but enzo made them creative using his surroundings

Placement: Pretty much perfect. Sometimes a few bits of health would’ve been handy though.

Scenery: The scenery was kept simple, but it matched the style of the game.

Creativity: Enzo’s design is quite creative, and he showed that throughout The-Game. (TEHEHE, I said The-Game, not the game. Ah, these names work so well at these times…)


Erm… -Stares at sky-


Action: 5/5. I was FIRIN’ MY LAZAR!!!

Difficulty: 4/5. The difficulty was a little too high, but it’s completely passable. If enzo added some more health, this would’ve got a perfect score.

Placement: 4.75/5. There were a little improvements needed to get a perfect score, like a little bit more of health.

Creativity: 4.75/5. If the puzzles were a bit more creative, you would’ve seen another 5/5.

Overall: (-Drums roll- OMGEE ROLLING DRUMS!!!) 4.75/5


In conclusion, I lost The-Game. I mean, The-Game was excellent, and yes, as a matter of fact, I do believe this is one of the game of all games. But if enzo would’ve fixed up those minor things I mentioned, it would’ve been a perfect score. But overall, this game is excellent. I’m happy I played it

Feature worthy? Hell yeah. The gameplay is magnificent, and The-Game is something you just have to play to believe.


The-Game Reviewed by mat7772 on Saturday, June 23rd 2012. Could This Finally Be The Game Of All Games? - A game review written by mat7772 for the game 'The-Game' by enzo186. Rating: 5