*EGD* I Survived A Plane Crash :D

Review by mat7772 on Thursday, October 25th 2012
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Bioshock is a game created by jackjoshseb

(Well, at least in the game. But what's the difference between Sploder and reality? Looks like Matty wins again. :P)

So, I was looking through the EGD queue, Bioshock appeared, and hey, since JJS reviewed my EGD game, wouldn't it be nice to review his? Wait, nice, I'm being nice, why would I be nice? Er, you got lucky JJS. Nineteenth review, and obviously on a game by Jackjoshseb called Bioshock.


Now, I'm sorry to say this, but some of JJS' plats are overrated in my opinion. There are some stand out performances from him in the past though (like Experimental) but not many in my opinion. But since I know JJS has potential, and the hype thread looked interesting, so let's see how he goes, err?


[Start lame jokes] It looks like a plane has crashed or something, lol. I mean, the wing of a plane, kind of like the wing of a bird, except this is obviously more furrier than the birds (OH THE SARCASTIC SARCASM). It also looks like some explosive stuff, as me see BARRELS (DO A BARREL ROLL, BARREL ROOL). So so far, it looks like an action game with barrels, and a plane. So let's fly into this game, shall we? [End lame jokes]


[Start lame review]

I was correct, a plane crashed, hoorah for Matteh. Now, I liked this game, I really did, but there was something I just thought would've made the game better. This is originality. Some parts of the game involved overused puzzles, because I just got sick of them. Yep, that's right, I called my mummy I was that annoyed.

And so I continue my review talking about those overused and boring puzzles. Yes, these puzzles were very bland, like salad. But puzzles are good for games, even if they aren't original, kind of like salad, even eating one lettuce leave is healthy, or in this case, having one puzzle makes your game a teeny tiny bit better. But overall, I would've liked more original puzzles.

As for traps, there were lots. Some, or even most of them, made you start the game all over again, which is something I really do not like. It just makes it more irritating retrying the game, when you were on level 7/9. So next time, I'd like a little more forgiving traps, okay Jacquie? :)

For this game, there wasn't anything that jumped out of my computer screen and shouted "LOOK AT ME I'M SPECIAL AND UNIQUE", infact sometimes I felt the game was rather bland. Sometimes I found myself walking on bare ground trying to figure out where to go. This was more of the later levels for me, as levels 3-5 and 9 were some pretty kewl stuff for me, but Jackjoshseb didn't really add a special element there. My suggestion for the later levels? Add something original or unique. The games in the EGL introduce a new concept, or they are just completely mind blowing and 5/5 worth. So better luck next times.


Action: 3.5/5. It was nicely done in nearly all levels. Level 9 was very intense but I think you should've had more variety of enemies.

Placement: 4/5. It was (pretty) consistent through the game, but I did find a few flaws sometimes.

Originality: 3/5. It was fairly average, the storyline, in game messages and traps knocked it up a little.

Puzzles and Traps: 3/5. Again, fairly average, but some traps were nicely placed.

Scenery: 4/5. The game had lots of detailed scenery, but in some of the later levels, again, I thought it was a bit bland.

Overall: 3.5/5


I give Bioshock by Jackjoshseb a 3.5/5. The game was enjoyable to play, but sometimes the lack of originality in puzzles and how bland some parts were really knocked it down. Not a bad game though, I suggest you play it.


Bioshock Reviewed by mat7772 on Thursday, October 25th 2012. *EGD* I Survived A Plane Crash :D - A game review written by mat7772 for the game 'Bioshock' by jackjoshseb. Rating: 3