First Non-EGD Review For A While!

Review by mat7772 on Sunday, November 11th 2012
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Paint It Black is a game created by youngcaliman

-Soft music starts- Paint It Black, an exquisite Platformer from the even more exquisite Youngcaliman. The beautiful architecture from the young Californian man...

-Soft music ends-. Yes, I figured that you did not want to fall asleep reading my exquisitely beautiful introduction, so, I'm here to make things fun! So, hello, fun Matthew here, with his super fun 20th review, reviewing the super-duper fun game, Paint It Fun- er, Black. So, without waiting any more time, let's go into our FUN pre-thinking phase! Hooray!


Well, my initial thoughts going into this game was "I'm dead". I mean seriously, the difficulty rating in Young's games are so high that it makes throw our computer in a garbage bin (don't do that, I've already done it. Be original. Disposal bags are pretty cool though). But the quality in Young's games are exceptional, and I expect no different from all the hype that he gave us. So if this doesn't impress mwa, something is like totally wrong.

So, I click on this fun looking thumbnail, feeling like I'll get some fun out of this game. But the question is, shall Mat get some fun out of Paint It Black, or shall Paint It Black get some fun out of Mat?


Note: Only one computer was harmed during the playing of this game.

Paint It Black isn't just a Platformer, it's unique, kind of like your fingerprint. There's something to this game than gives it the edge over all other Plats. If you ever get far into this game, you will realise that there is more too it. It represents lots of symbolism, the blue paint and the black paint are both made cleverly. For example, the blue paint is made effective from back walls being in front of water, and the lighting made it look like dark paint too. But that's not all- the gameplay is astounding, the boss battles are amazing, and the puzzles are truly magical.

Let's go into more detail about the puzzles. They are magical, kind of like my special feature, my hair. -flips-. Youngcaliman put lots of thought in the puzzles, as you can see it. It's just not like those cheap puzzles people wack together and make them lame within five minutes, it's so much more. See, he actually put "thought" and "love" into them. I bet he even kissed them to make them unique. But, you're probably wondering why they are unique. First of all, they are original. Who would have ever used teleporters in a clever way? Second of all, they made you think. Some puzzles now just force you to murder yourself in some lava and then force you to resurrect on some yellow diamond things. I mean, like seriously people, that is like soooo 2010 to early 2011, people know that already. Last of all, they actually make me go "WOWZARZ" for once. Wowzarz, that must be pretty daym good girlfriend. So yeah, I've talked lots, put not enough! Prepare to die from more of my opinion! Mu ha ha ha ha!

The scenery in this game mainly focuses around black and blue paint. As I said before, water with background behind it is used as blue paint, and back walls are used as black paint. There are no lights in this game, so you cannot see what's tiles and what's not unless you use your radar. I really don't like this, it just frustrates me, you know? Kind of like watching my sister playing CoD, I just wanna say "do this you silly girl!"- joking, he's a boy. Fortunately though, I can sometimes tell what's a wall and what's not, because the have circle holes through them. But, with the times I can't, I need to say this; "MAKE IT MORE CLEAR WHAT'S A WALL AND WHAT'S NOT!" otherwise, I might face plant into a wall and need plastic surgery, just like someone off the news did.

In a game like Paint It Black, placement is crucial. Too much, and the game will be a breeze. To little, and you shall die within the first few moments of the game. Luckily though, there was just the right amount of health and power-ups provided. The first two levels of the game stacked you with lives for the later levels, but girl did those lives disappear quickly. The later levels still did provide lives, but you had to rely on your lives from the past levels to save your sorry bottom. Moving on, there was many mouse-guns in the later levels. These changed the pace of the game from slow to sooper fast. However, you could eventually run out of mouse gun ammo, but then you'd find another one. Oh, I love the feeling of clicking that mouse, or pulling that trigger, and then watching your hopeless enemy drift into the air, and seeing their poor hopeless soul drift away... GHOSTBUSTERS. Anyway, I know I have the habit of talking a lot, so I'll just sum up this next part quickly. When I needed cake, I got a cookie. When I needed to grab a band-aid from my mummy, I received a health pack. There we go, all done.

Youngcaligurl always impresses when it comes to being creative, and there's no difference when it comes to Paint It Black. There's new puzzles, new magic, new uses of objects and even new ways to fight enemies. Nearly everything I came across was original, or refurbished to make it original. So, well done Youngcaligurl, you have continued to impress as always. Oh, we're just waiting for that moment where you completely miss that target- and the featured page. MU HA HA HA HA!

All good things must come to an end. Yeah, I'm sorry, but get over it you wimp. Anyway, what did I find boring? The first level. It was dull and very slow paced for me. I don't care if it was supposed to be, I found it a nuisance sometimes and that's why I don't have that replay effect I usually do with Cali's games. Also, this game is frustrating. I got to the final boss, and failed. So, I took all my anger out by throwing my computer at my neighbour, and killing him. Oh I regret it, I'm sorry computer!




-Puzzles and traps



-Level 1

-Frustration levels


Action: 4.8/5

Puzzles and traps: 4.9/5

Creativity: 5/5

Placement: 4.9/5

Scenery: 4.9/5

*Overall:* 4.9/5


Overall, this fun game gets a fun rating of 4.9/5. I recommend this to all members, big or small, large of skinny, loud or shy, or you, yes you, the weirdo. It's a creative game, and Cali, Y U BE SO GIFTED????

Alright, ta-ta, my ladies. -Tips hat-


Paint It Black Reviewed by mat7772 on Sunday, November 11th 2012. First Non-EGD Review For A While! - A game review written by mat7772 for the game 'Paint It Black' by youngcaliman. Rating: 1