Dizzy Things Are Dizzy

Review by mat7772 on Friday, February 15th 2013
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Cycle is a game created by ethgamma

Hello everyone, it is Princess Matty back reviewing Dizzy Time- err, Cycle, by ethgamma. You shall all see the excruciating pain that I suffered throughout the time I play this rather tedious game. Was it too tedious to get a good score? We shall see. >:D

So as I click on Cycle, I don't know what to expect. This is after all Eth's first Physics Puzzle Game, and I can remember my first physics game. So who knows what Eth will do?

The object of the game varies. The first two proper levels you will be avoiding some killer orange circles, from level three on you will try and collect yellow shiny things before a time limit runs out to survive.

Now that you know what the goal of the game is, I shall give my onion on this game.

Oh, my, gosh. This game has a MAJOR difficult spike. Level 2 was easy as pie, level 3 can be rather tedious, but then level 4 is like being trapped in a room with two snakes that are twice as fast as your speed. After about twenty tries, I finally escape hell- er, level 4, only to find a deadly looking crowbar ready to demolish me. Eventually, I gave up on level 7, which is like hell times seven.

The controls are really annoying. There are only certain parts where you can perform a half decent leap of faith, and then, KER-SPLAT. It can really be annoying like on levels 3, 4 and 6, where there is more leap-frogging involved.

After at least 50 deaths I turned my attention to the side bar. "Nana won Troll Face goes shopping!!!" "Papa won a fun day at the beach with nana!!!" I was really tempted to click those, because Cycle was really getting from addictive to frustrating by level 4. But I wanted to give this game a chance to see the final levels of Cycle. Did I get to the final levels? I got to level 7, but then gravity just flew away and it seems like I was a balloon that really wanted to be popped.

The placement in this game was... alright. The coins I had no problem with, but the random killer circles really raised my temper. Oh, and don't forget those to s-s-snakes on level 4. When I defeated

But with negatives comes... positives. =D

The colour scheme worked really well. When I was having a temper tantrum over the games difficulty, -look at pretty colours- -Calms down-. It made the game a little bit more enjoyable too.

For parts of the game, Cycle was fuuuun and addictive. I would want to defeat those snake assassin thingies and collect the coins, and when I finally did, I felt like I could do anything in the world, even make pixie dust for mama.

The design of the levels were done carefully. If the controls didn't buzz kill this game on level five, I would happily give this game more marks. Level 4 was my favourite level because of the design. The design of the crowbar-like level was great. Once you'd collect a coin the level would almost fall apart. Take that evil red ball thingy mobobs. (Tehehe, that's what she said. ;D)

Each level Ethy Gamma added a new object to make you play on just to see what the next level has in store. I enjoyed the new features, but you would have to try so freaking hard to pass level four, which was a bit of a buzz kill too. Maybe make the levels easier for Princess Matty and others and they may be able to get further into the game and enjoy it more.

Overall, I felt like the positives just outweighed the negatives, so I give Cycle...


The level designs really was what raised the score, but then again the controls were really annoying and deducted points from the final score. I didn't quite think the game deserved any higher than 3, but it did not need a score lower than what I gave it. Overall, I recommend playing Cycle. The level designs are appealing and it is addictive at times.

My suggestions are to work on the difficulty. Don't have a major difficulty spike at level 4, but make each level a little harder than the last. I know you couldn't help it with the controls, and the placement of enemies was a one off thing, fix these things and you could have a excellent game! (Note, not guaranteed. Refunds are not available)