Vroom Vroom Goes The Car

Review by mat7772 on Sunday, February 24th 2013
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Parking Challenge is a game created by dudki

Hey guys, it's Princess Matty, back in her white van. It appears that dudki had requested that I review one of his games in P4S (it's an RPFG on the forum), and so I chose Vroom Vroom Challenge (also known as Parking Challenge). You do not need to know my pre-thoughts, because I have already featured the game. At least there's a hint for you.

The main objective of Parking Challenge is to park your car in an empty parking slot. Easy, huh? Did I mention that you had to dodge some hoon drivers that shouldn't be on the road? Oh, and the stick figure pedestrians? Didn't think so.


A problem I had with this game is that my car was just too big and bulky on the road sometimes, meaning that I'd do a turn and parts of my car would stick out (oh my God, that sounded so wrong). This can be extremely annoying due to the fact that you would have to attempt a right hand turn while a granny is repetitively running up and across the road for no apparent reason and on the other side is cars going at 100km/h, so my bulky car would hit the cars, or if I managed to pass them, there would be a 90% chance that the granny would kill me for crashing into her walking stick.

Since the car is a bit bulky, sometimes parking your car can be a bit tedious, perhaps a bit too tedious. An example of this would be the third level, the cars were crammed together and since your car was big and bulky there was also a big chance you would damage those cars and the cars would explode on you.

I also did not like the fact how there was no white vans to cause trouble, the cars started to get old at level 7.


This game was fun, meaning that I enjoyed playing it. It was also addictive, I would always want to get past that angry granny and the hoon driver, and eventually, win the game. I didn't quiet accomplish that goal though, those cars on level 8 were too fast. Dx

The design of the levels were unique. The game itself reminded me of a more enclosed version of park your car (or something called like that) on a childish website of some sort. At times though it could be a little too cramped, but that was very rarely.

The scenery in this game was visually appealing. There wasn't anything that moved so much that caused eye strain (Eg. flying unicorns, fairies) or an fit, which was great. The last thing I would want is for my dog to be throwing her head on the ground and jiggling around like she needs to jizz all from some flying unicorns (no offence intended to anyone). That being said, I could tell what was a bush, what was a lake, a person and what was grass. The car graphic looked a bit questionable though. It was more like a colourful rectangle.

I haven't seen anyone create a parking game on Sploder before dudki, so Parking Challenge was creative. A simple idea is all you need to create a creative game, and also a great game.

The difficulty was placed at a great level. Each level would get increasingly harder and the game was passable for most members, sometimes extremely hard games aren't a good solution (I have made that mistake many times).

Some cool thing in the game was that when you crashed into a car it would explode. This doesn't change the score overall, but sometimes it would be funny to think about.

Overall: 4/5

Vroom Vroom/ Parking Challenge was good at what it did, make you park several cars while dodging many cars. It ticked most of the boxes for me, and also other members. It is a popular game throughout Sploder, earning over 10,000 views, congratulations dudki. I do see this game as feature worthy, and so do many other members.

Suggestions? If you were to make a game similar to this, make sure the cars aren't as bulky as they were before. That would fix my main problem I had with this game... xP


Parking Challenge Reviewed by mat7772 on Sunday, February 24th 2013. Vroom Vroom Goes The Car - A game review written by mat7772 for the game 'Parking Challenge' by dudki. Rating: 4