[P4S] Jump, Jump, Fall

Review by mat7772 on Monday, January 27th 2014
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NOIS Legacy II is a game created by iball4

NOIS Legacy II is the sequel to the first NOIS Legacy, originally created by some team on the Trails gameshow. I have played and beat the first, but I am not looking forward to the second. The first involved jumping from platform to platform, and causing massive frustration spasms and many broken nails. Will I like the second one? Probably not, but we'll have a look anyway, cause that's what I'm supposed to do.

I'm going to start this on a pretty bad note. I broke a nail. Continuing on... This was just like the first. Jump, jump, fall, frustration spasm, throw computer out the window and the cycle repeats. After many minutes I reached level 4. What was there? A near impossible 30 seconds to reach the end, and to make it worse, these large ball things firing at you making things worse. Nothing could be worse, right? How about jumping in the dark with a time limit of 70 seconds? Even worse? A maze where if you touch pretty much anything you lose. Fail, fail, fail, frustration spasms, computer and keyboard throw out the window, cycle repeats. This was an extremely frustrating game, and I guarantee you if you make it to level four, you will quit within the first three tries.

Unfortunately, this game was way too challenging. You have a better chance of beating the final level of the World's Hardest Game than beating level 6. In future, easier games = fun games.

The game was kind of fun at times. The early levels were kind of cool to play, and included some cool gimmicks. Level five had a unique concept, where you had to jump onto the platforms, but you could only see them about once in every five seconds, but the time limit was kind of the buzzkill. The level required patience and timing, having a time limit that makes you rush makes the level not as fun as what as it could be.

This is all I can really say about NOIS Legacy II. I managed to make it to level six before rage quitting, so I think I have a pretty good idea of the game.


Sorry for the bad score, but I didn't quite enjoy this game. All of this jumping and chipping nails just didn't work out for me. Better luck next time, and if you are going to play this game, good luck, you'll need it.