[PredatorGames] Simple And Enjoyable

Review by mat7772 on Tuesday, January 28th 2014
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Fulfill is a game created by gerald123

Greetings, it's 11:17pm here in the land down under and Princess Matty has decided to write yet another review. Three reviews in a matter of days, I'm on a roll. I'm going to jump right into this review of Fulfill though, which is quite the interesting game.

Two words for this game, simple and enjoyable. While crafting this game, gerald has made sure that he makes the game easy enough for members to get through, even for the ones who aren't quite intelligent *cough neptus cough*. He still makes sure that they have to use a little bit of their brain power to get through, so the game isn't spoiled by easy puzzles that everyone knows.

One problem I have about the puzzles though was that they weren't original. Even though Fulfill is more of an exploration game than a puzzle game, the puzzles play an important role. Most of them involve using the powerglove to move grenades and wheels to help you. I would of liked to see gerald put a creative twist on one of the puzzles, but unfortunately I didn't get that. Saying that though, I'd rather have unoriginal puzzles rather than a crowded game with puzzles in every single direction and it psyches the hell out of you, so well done to you.

I did speak about exploration before, but I will dive in to get you that extra detail since it's (in my opinion) the main genre of the game. (What the hell is wrong with this review, it sounds so weird lol. Maybe it's time I crack a joke). Did you just collect a key in the game? Good for you! Now you'll spend 2 minutes trying to figure out where to go next! Don't get me wrong, there's nothing frustrating about the game, it's just a little pleasant stroll, and it's great to walk the little pleasant stroll too. :) (Yes, this review is very cheesy. Time to make things interesting...)

That scenery is just so... HAWT. The game is just so bleepeh it makes you come alive during the game. You'll be playing the game, wondering through with your little torch and your mouth will be drooling. It's so darn foxy that it even turns my mother (Queen Probe) on. It's so cute that the fluffy bunnies don't stand a chance. And it will be crowned the next hot mama's bleepiest thing 2014! It drops it like it's hot!


Okay, maybe the scenery isn't that great. It's pretty much just circles and background, but it all blends in quite well to create something that looks just nice.

Before I go to the ratings, I do feel that Fulfill is missing something that makes it feel feature worthy. I cannot completely grasp what it is, maybe there's too much exploring and not enough puzzles? I'm not too sure, but I don't feel like it's feature worthy, barely though.


Fulfill is quite the charming game and I do recommend you to play it. You'll be able to progress far into the game and feel proud of yourself. :D