A Critical Analysis Of Save Shadross

Review by mat7772 on Sunday, March 8th 2015
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Save Shadross is a game created by lordeldar

Numerous reviewers have rated this game higher than the clouds, and all the reviews on this game are top notch, except a 0/10 from vpopsiclev, but I doubt thatís even viable judging by the sketchy username. We all know that Lordeldar is one amongst the fluffy bunnies, generally spending too much time in the bonding sessions, but nevertheless, he has apparently blessed the sploder community with this game, now itís my turn to critically analyse this ďmasterpieceĒ, according to gaminator.

Incase you are one with the rocks, youíd already know by now that Iím reviewing Save Shadross. I would review Save Mat7772 but a bit of bias may have come into play, like the poorly drawn and outdated version of my avatar. Thatís so 2014.

If you play through this game youíd notice the horrid quality of the scenery and wonder if a pre-schooler actually decided to smear his hands covered in paint all over this game. Itís not art, itís fart. Lordeldar seriously needs to up her scenery skills if she wants to up her game here. Like, seriously, it looks like a wet fart. The squidmobile is NOT what it looks like, Iím pretty bleep sure that ďoutsideĒ has more colours than blue brown and green, and hipster rainbows donít have sugar sprinkled all over them. What is this madness?!

If meow was reviewing this sheíd probably call it generic, but truth be told, itís not generic. Itís worse than generic. In society, there are some things you just shouldnít see, Save Lordeldar is worse than spending Friday night alone on that computer, looking at some eye candy. Itís not right, itís wrong, like a large, wet fart in the middle of school assembly, it is out of place and itís so wrong it becomes funny.

I have to say though, the story is absolutely beautiful. Itís all about a boy and a girl meet each other and they fall in love. Together, they lay an egg, and a beautiful enzo186 hatches, awh! The story is gorgeous... but the scenery means itís terrible. Itís just so bad that I canít even. The egg looks like it was ripped out of minecraft itís that bad.

Honestly, thatís all there is to talk about. Itís just so bad thereís nothing good about it, onto the ratings!

Scenery - 0/5

Genericness - -2/5 - it was worse than generic

Story - 5/5 - 5/5 = 0/5.

Overall 0/5

No more words are needed for this horrid piece of mess.


Save Shadross Reviewed by mat7772 on Sunday, March 8th 2015. A Critical Analysis Of Save Shadross - A game review written by mat7772 for the game 'Save Shadross' by lordeldar. Rating: 0