That's What Happens When You Don't Close The Door

Review by mat7772 on Sunday, December 20th 2015
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A War Story is a game created by epicosauruss

It is well known that Epicosauruss (or as how I will refer to him throughout the rest of the review, Epico) enjoys the Arcade creator. Since he is going to review a game of mine, I thought it would be rather nice of myself to do the same. With all the talk about Epico loving the Arcade creator, I decided to review a game of his from the creator. I eventually found A War Story (after he told me not to review "The Dangers Of Legos" which should really be titled "The Dangers Of Lego") so let's get onto the review.

Throughout the whole game, it seems that the story is perhaps the biggest part of this game, and the gameplay is there to (attempt to) compliment it. However, the story can be so ludicrous at times. "Oh, look at that, we're at war again" a lady with pink hair says. Not to mention, this small dude doesn't open the door (a vine) for you to enter a bunker, prompting you to jump over said vine and nearly jumping high enough on platforms with spikes, but when you get inside the house he then opens the door.

And doesn't close it.

The very next stage sees about three people arguing while another ten stand there observing. This guy says the army is too strong but I literally defeated every enemy in the first stage, so I don't know what this guy is talking about. A little after that in the stage, enemies manage to get into this bunker (probably as a result of LEAVING THE VINE UNCLOSED, though this isn't explained) and oh look we're off to above ground again.

Why don't we just go back outside where I killed all the enemies again?

The story continues to be rather ridiculous where we see a death of a very important person. Yet I did not know that this person was important. This prompts the main player to try to kill himself by jumping in lava, which is understandable but... ridiculous too.

(I can't wait to see how epico rips apart Miners' story aha...)

Alright, the story is not as bad as I made it out to be. For the first level it is completely fine, and the gameplay works well to complement the story. Continuing on, there is quite a lot of action throughout A War Story. The reason that I died while playing this game was because an enemy smacked me into lava because it spawned on top of my head. There was quite a few moments where enemies would unpredictably spawn on top of the player, and you couldn't really do anything apart from jump around randomly hoping that it wouldn't happen. There isn't really any moment where you will be fighting more than one enemy at a time, which can also be boring if you know approximately how long it takes until enemies come out of that "oh bleep I just got bopped on my head" stage, meaning the action itself... can be quite bland.

There were quite a few annoying traps placed in the game, some of them I question if they were intentional or not. For example, there was a couple of breakable blocks with coins in them. Cool, I have to break the blocks to get the coins. But then when I get to the last row of coins there is lava hiding beneath the blocks so I died.


There were also a couple of traps I wasn't sure were intentional or not. For instance, I shot a target with a magic spell and a barrier appeared and blocked my path. However, using my mad hacking skills (or my double jump ability...) I managed to overcome this trap and continue with the game. Either way, that should not have been there.

Overall, A War Story is just an okay game. If some of the annoying traps (intentional or not) weren't there, this game would have definitely been better, but for now, I feel like the score for this game can only be...


It's better than average but not enough to deserve a 3/5.


A War Story Reviewed by mat7772 on Sunday, December 20th 2015. That's What Happens When You Don't Close The Door - A game review written by mat7772 for the game 'A War Story' by epicosauruss. Rating: 2