Dept. Of Secret Services 1-2

By mat7772lordeldar :: Tuesday July 8th, 2014

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"Out into the sea" the old man says. You look at his face, everything is serious and very sharp, his eyes look ahead and do not glance around, his mouth straight with no expression. "I may as well tell you the news now" he says, his head still looking into the distance, "you have been recruited by the Department of Secret Services, or DOSS for short". "What!?" you turn your head quickly. "Let me finish" He says sternly, but while containing a calm voice. "We've been watching you for a long time now. Your kickboxing teacher? Recruited by us. You were the top of the class there, yet showed great teamwork and strategy, exactly what we want." He stops, but your curiousity gets the better of you. "But why am I needed? What has been so serious that you need a new recruit, let alone, an 18-year-old?" "I was hoping you would hold off with the questions, but there's no point keeping a secret from the world's most curious man." His face cracks and he lets out a soft laugh, his sense of humour was obviously weak. "A terrorist group. They are producing guns illegally, and one of our agents have came close to their fury. They were practicing the guns on manikins that were disguised as police officers. This is a threat to us, and we have further evidence that they will prove a threat to England in the future. That's where you come in." your eyes widen. "Me, an 18-year-old that has absolutely no idea with guns, is to go in and help you defeat a terrorist group?". The man turns to you. "You're not alone," he says with a smile, "one of our best - and youngest - agents will train you. He sees the potential in you just like we did. You'll learn quickly with him." He shifts back ahead. "And there is our training facilities. On a big cruise ship. Nobody would expect that." Your mouth drops. What are you getting yourself into? It's too late to turn back now, and they can't keep you on the ship without your consent. Perhaps you can go back to a normal life after this - it would be much better after all... Find the next game in the series here!


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