Dept. Of Secret Services 1-4

By mat7772lordeldar :: Tuesday July 8th, 2014

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"This warehouse has a tight security" agent Lordeldar says, "however, like any other system, it has its faults. It has no cameras, so as long as we remain anonymous we should be fine." Your legs start to shake violently. You haven't had the opportunity to take the time to process any actions as clearly as you have now. You could easily be killed any moment now. "What about my training? I never had that!" You say, trying to escape the situation. "If you think you need training after stunning terrorists on a massive cruise ship and bypassing them on a jet ski, then you'll never be ready. You cannot turn back now, I have to do this with you." The words only make your legs shiver worse, and you see agent Lordeldar walking through the door. The bomb was silent and created little noise, so nobody knows you're here. "Before we go in, here's the plan." Agent Lordeldar points to the master key, and explains that we need to get there before we rescue agent CG and Jagger from their cells, then we shall escape out of the back door. "It's going to be difficult, but I think we can pull it off." He says, with a smile. "Yeah, sure." You stutter. You hit your legs in an attempt to stop them from shaking, and put a small gun in your pocket. This is it, this is what you were recruited for... Find the next game in the series here!


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