Mount Deathmore

By mcdave :: Tuesday March 17th, 2009

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Rumoured to be the home of the fabled 16 Crystals of Valour, Mount Deathmore is actually made up of two large mountains, one of which has been turned into a quarry by those looking for the infamous Crystals, while the other is filled with deep and perilous caves... A treacherous landscape filled with traps and pitfalls, Mount Deathmore is crawling with thugs and other unsightly creatures, and now an even bigger threat; the ninja army of Evil Warlord Jing Lee himself have taken an interest in the Crystals. With them at his disposal, Jing Lee could empower his already formidable forces to become a threat to the entire world! The 16 Crystals of Valour cannot fall into the evil Warlord’s hands. You must get to them first...


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