Pendragon Series:The Begining

By mechamaster :: Saturday August 16th, 2008

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You...14 year old Bobby Pendragon just got together with your dream girl only to be taken away by your Uncle where?Denduron.As you encounter Saint Dane your Uncle Press shouts to you,"Bobby!Run down the subway track!There will be a door at the end.Go throughit and yell out 'Denduron'!" Then you say "Den what?" "Just go!" your uncle press shouts has he and Saint Dane start shooting at each other.And so it begins......As you run down the track uncle press shouts "Watch out for the quigs!!!" You need to run down the tracks and dodge quigs and get through the door.You will then be teleported to the territory of Denduron...then put on the cloths from Denduron(collect the chrystal) so we can continue..... To Be Continued......


Tags: easy lol ha

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