The snowman tale

By mercurios :: Friday December 27th, 2013

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The snowman Yopi.He lives in another universe on planet Dorisaiptoris.The snowmen rule the north side of the planet Earth.While on the south side of the Earth there are those evil pesky statues...They were allways grisly.But something happened one day before new year 2014...They were posessed.And they attacked The snowmen.But after three days of war , the snowmen we're winning.So They expanded they're area for 500 kilometers to the south area , where there isnt that much snow.At that Area was Yopi , he was fighting the king of Statues!But something else happened that moment.All the other snowmen gone gray.Yopi was suprised.Then..Boom!Yopi woke up.But he was no ordinary king snowman.He was yellow , he had red marks all over his body and he had no ordinary sticks.They we're redish.And they had diamonds on them.He looked around .He got it that he is at the south side of the world , Because of the pine trees.But , all the other snowmen we're rock!He went to an stoned snowman , he touched him.And what happened.That snowman was saved , the snowman ran out of the horizon. It's on you to guide Yopi... On the saver of the planet. Go to the forums where you may get the news about the game.


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