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By michealthegreat7 :: Saturday October 1st, 2016

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Now that 12stasia and Knee are gone, who is going to protect Sploder? Who will help defeat Nightshield10? Who will help us defeat the new race of hackers? Sploder truly is turning upside down. Drama is the main cause of all this sadness. That is why Sploder Heroes III existed in the first place. We were here to fight drama. We were here to be friends and not give up on each other no matter what. We were here to not let drama or getting banned stop us from staying on Sploder. But some people don't see our logic. Some people really hate MS drama (like Supersonic2014) some people don't care if people make inappropriate games about them (like myself), some people just come here to socialize (like Shadowkidneys) and some people come here just to argue with hackers (like Ripto22475). We all have different feelings for different things (and I understand that ) But that shouldn't make you want to change your mind about what you used to love doing. People should be tough and not let stuff bring them down. And that is what the remainders of Sploder Heroes III will do! AND I AM PART OF THAT! SO WHO IS WITH US?! P.S. Celsinus Adelfius is a good guy. He tells the truth most of the time.


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