The Puzzle Hell

Review by milking on Friday, August 3rd 2012
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Crucifix is a game created by omega


Dear Sploder members, today I am deciding to write a new review, but with a defferent style. I will be Reviewing Crucifix by Omega.

I saw a thread by Jackjoshseb, saying that he made a new Review, and yep, I admit, he got me. I wanted to review too, so here I am.

Omega is a slient, but nice guy. He likes to make PPG's, as I see. I tried to chat with him but he ignored me, I wonder why. As I said, his PPG's are brilliant, but there is something better that he makes, and that's the plat maker! It's just brilliant how Omega picked these hard puzzles, and some of them are new! I didn't see any enemies at all, but that's okay. The puzzles are much more important than the enmies, I think so. Now, lets see the Review!


I always have an order of what am I going to talk about, haha! Okay, first, I'm going to talk about the power-ups, then walls and decoration, then puzzles and then some other stupid stuff, lol. I'm sorry but I can't talk about the enemy placement because I didn't see any enemies.

The power-ups were very good. Omega picked just those extra lives because he needed them for those epic puzzles. I didn't see Med-kites, or cookies, just those hearts. And the gluv was for the puzzle too, so, that's okay.

The wall and decoration, yes. Well, that's a funny thing because the whole game was dark! So, yeah, I couldn't see what tile selection it was. Or could I? I saw the tile selection when I picked the gluv, and it was normal. Looks like Omega didn't change it. But I liked those water statue thigys and that other decoration.

The puzzles, what can I say? It was a real puzzle hell. When I first played the game, I couldn't figure it out! Which way, what now? It was really awesome. But the main puzzle is the dark. I won't tell you guys why, try to figure it out.

Now, the other stuff. When I picked the gluv, and tried to move the wheel to the orange switch, well, I moved the wheel but I couldn't find the orange switch! I was trying 10 times, and more, but no. That was a good puzzle. Also, I like the game name, Crucifix. Reminds me of an obstacle course name. Lol, it does! Okay, now the scores.


Okay, lets get back to school and see Omega's grade!


Rating: __/___

-Walls and Decoration-

Rating: __/___

-Game Name-

Rating: ____/_


Rating: ___/__

End - Feature Worthy

Hmm, is it Feature Worthy? Yes! Well yeah, it's already featured. But anyway, my answer is yes. Really great game, but I'm just sad, I didn't see any enemies.

This was one of my shorter reviews, and I'm sorry for that. I just didn't get too far in the game. So, comment if you like, comment if you don't like. Haha, thanks for reading, bye!


Crucifix Reviewed by milking on Friday, August 3rd 2012. The Puzzle Hell - A game review written by milking for the game 'Crucifix' by omega. Rating: 5