Neon Blocks 3. Mutation

By minecraft121212 :: Thursday June 25th, 2015

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previosly: the green neon block tribe was created in a world of utter darkness.. exept for 2 civilizations of bright neon blocks. the blue king was captured by the red king after a game changing evolution. the greens saved the blue army and now the reds have been put into jail by a sentence of death. but it wasnt just some death with fire or swords. it was a death from a sirum the blues created. but before the blues got into the lab to get the sirum, somelone had already been there. a red spy. the blues and the greens didnt know it at first, but the death sirum was replased by a mutation sirum! and then they took the piece of science and injected the toxic waste into the reds. the reds became huge deadly walls. walking or running cannot solve the problem. espesially when the reds put giant locked doors everywhere- and the keys were in the air. now, the green tribe must do this old fasion: launching themselfs in the air.


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