Hmmm,... A Feature Worthy Game With Great Scenery!

Review by minerva on Friday, August 26th 2011
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Escape Hell is a game created by ckmbud


Hello there, I'll be reviewing "Escape Hell" by Ckmbud. I was on the forums, and I remember seeing Ckmbud advertising his game on the community, and I decided to give the game a little try because the title kept me fasinated. I noticed this game was voted three stars, but "Don't judge a book by it's cover" you may be playing a future featured game. After playing one minute of this, I knew this game was feature worthy, in my opinion. Now, to learn a little bit of my friend, Ckmbud. He is my friend, and I respect him alot, he also works for my reviewing center [WR]. I also admire some of his games he has, so this isn't my first time playing one of his games. I'm also surprised he made this game. Not all of his games are spectacular like this one. But his physics games are so good that leaves his amazing platformers games pointless. But I totally recommend people to play this, it has great scenery but with some cons. So, is this game going to turn out wonderful? Let's see!


The storyline amazed me because it sort of matched with the title. The storyline was about a car accident, which was caused from drinking too much. Now that you're in hell, you must finish your journey by going to heaven. Ckmbud, also mention in the description that Stanleykitten and Rhabbit, help create some graphics for some creatures, he needed help with. Now this description did amaze me, because it was well written. But basically this game and description is basically about religion beliefs. So Ckmbud, awesome story!

All I have to say that level one was an introduction, and was made pretty well. The introduction idea was made by our great general "Liv33vil" and I find this idea very popular, and it's quite useful nowadays. Let's go on topic right now, instead, let's talk about level two since level one was only an introduction. Level two made me a little disappointed, everything was all fine, but except the length of it. Scenery was very good in this level, and is very important for games because it keeps the player wanting to play even more, like addicting. The thumbnail was awesome because he added "Hell" when you begin the game, and makes the player think the game is going to be difficult or intense. The difficulty in this game was very high, but this level wasn't that difficult, but many enemies would pop up even when you're not noticing, and that's a good thing. This level was very disappointing, and I didn't like it either, as I mentioned before, it had a short length, I recommend him making this level longer to amuse the member who is playing. Level three was the level I looked forward to reviewing. It was my favorite level out of all six levels. Once you play level three, you might be getting annoyed because this level was difficult itself. The length was long, but not that long, like medium long. But I have to say that you constantly had to jump many times to get yourself up to heaven because if you think of hell you think of fire and basically your underground, trying to go up to heaven. Enemy Placement was fine, and he gave fair life. This level was very difficult, and usually people would normaly give up at this level because it's that difficult. I loved how he made the rocks look a weird way, but I enjoyed looking at them.

Level four was the one you had to concentrate on. This level you had to escape a big stick that followed you, just when you started. I recommend going medium slow on this level because you might end up bumping one of the enemies. This level wasn't fair at all, you'd be given only one life for the entire level, and was really difficult, but don't give up now, the levels start getting easier once you finish this level. Enemy Placement was very good, none of them were pileing against each other. But let's talk about the difficultness of this level. As I mentioned before, Ckmbud hasn't given fair/enough life. Only one life was given to you for that level, but for me, it was really easy, this level was really fun, but could be quite annoying for some. Level five the one level I wanted to mostly talk about. This level was the one that was very disappointing, even more diappointing than level two. You would just stand on a rock, while a enemy would shoot fireballs at you. This level was very simple, because all you have to do is only jump dodging the fireballs. Also, this level was very boring and it didn't amaze me either, I would just stand on the tip, while nothing happened to me, so I would open a new tab for a while. Level six was supposed to be fantastic, but turned similar to level five. But the difference was that you didn't barely do nothing in this level. Satan would just come to you, and he would expolode, and you would go to heaven and win.

My favorite part of the game, as I said before was level three. Level three was a medium level, wasn't that hard, and wasn't that easy either. This level had to be my favorite because it gave you a chance to at least win. Trust me, this level might get annoying once you play it in the begining, but it'll turn addicting once you try this level many times. My least favorite part of this game was level six. I first thought level six was going to be a great level, but it turned out easy, but with great scenery. I also thought that is was supposed to be a great finish, but as I said before, diappointing. I suggest Ckmbud to have a least made it a little difficult, and make it fun, but just do nothing in this level made me frustated.You guys might be thinking, is this game addicting once you play it? Well it is addicting alright. I have to say that this game is addicting, in my opinion. If you play this game many times as I did, it might turn addicting, even if you don't notice it.


I found "Escape Hell" while Ckmbud was advertising his game on the forums. As you play a stickfigure in the game, you did something really bad that caused you to go to hell, and now you have to escape hell, by trying to go up to heaven. The thumbnail to the game was fine. With very good scenery, and don't forget the decorations Ckmbud added to the whole game. Enemy placement was fine as well, none of them were pileing against each other, and I don't remember seeing that happening in any of the levels I have played. My favorite level was level three, was a medium game, that gave you a chance to at least beat it. My least favorite level was level six, was just a game with scenery, and you had to do NOTING, and is really disappionted. The addictiveness in this game was sort of addictive to me, if you would to play this game many times as I did, it might get addicting to some. Now to bring this review to a closure, this was a brilliant game, with very good scenery, and some cons.


Storyline: ___.5/_____
Addictiveness: ____/_____
Thumbnail/decorations: _____/_____
Placement: ___.5/_____
Difficultly: ___/_____
Action: ___/_____


-Some levels, you didn't really do nothing. (Level six)



-Good placement


-Good Storyline

Overall: 8.5/10

Was a very pleasant game, with some cons, but in my opinion, deserves a feature!


Escape Hell Reviewed by minerva on Friday, August 26th 2011. Hmmm,... A Feature Worthy Game With Great Scenery! - A game review written by minerva for the game 'Escape Hell' by ckmbud. Rating: 4