By minjazemunka241981 :: Wednesday August 1st, 2012

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Sorry I haven't made a game in a while, I was busy with other things. This is my first true platformer game, filled with challenging traps and puzzles.just like the rest of my games,this game has a story: There was once a man named Nicholas, a very poor man who lived on the streets, struggling to find food for himself. he didn't know anything about himself, as he was raised in an orphanage during his childhood. but one day, a man approached him saying that he has searched for him for years. Nicholas asked the stranger who he was, the stranger said that he was sent down from heaven to give Nicholas everything he dreamed of.. He then convinced him to rob many of the neighborhood homes. Nicholas was hesitant at first, but when the stranger kept telling him that it was the only way to make his life better, Nicholas agreed to do as the man told him to. after months of robbing other people's homes, Nicholas started enjoying what he was doing, his heart was filled with envy and jealousy. A harmless homeless man,got turned into a well known criminal.. but one day, the stranger appeared again, saying that that now he will give Nicholas everything he wanted because he obeyed him. then suddenly,Nicholas disappeared in a blinding flash of green light, and reappeared in a strange green colored place along with the stranger. The stranger laughed evilly, revealing that he was the spirit of envy, and that he only used him and corrupted him to feed on his negative emotions,and now it will leave him to die in its realm. Nicholas, angry that the spirit tricked him into being a criminal and then betrayed him vowed to escape and vanquish the evil spirit once and for all.(This is the longest description I have ever written!!) In this game you play as Nicholas, your goal is to kill the spirit of envy, and escape its realm once and for all. If you have any questions about this game, feel free to ask. :)


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