Sploder metropolis

By mirandajennifer6 :: Wednesday June 24th, 2015

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You're now going to live in a amazing metropolis, you can have a room in a hotel, take care of your own pet, drive a car, make a shop and recive awards, buy on shops, have fun on the turquoise club, travel in the airport and more! Enjoy this metropolis! VERSION 3.4: Splaris is not anymore the only one option in the airport, now u can visit Glitch Village ( if u really will do it, stop and hear the story that the guy tells u, so think a little) and Heaven ( you will see only a part cuz youre a guest, a cyber angel, a cat and sceptile are waiting for you) Tips: A pet is a very funny friend. There are 3 types of pets: a cat/dog that you take care normally and he follow u without leaving home,the bird, that when he's fully happy you can walk with him, and the horse, that can substituite the Car, you can ride on the back of a horse.


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