Tomb Raiding Xtreme

By monkeyraw1337 :: Saturday October 31st, 2009

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NOTE: This course is really hard. I am not held accountable if you die. Also I have made an easy version to this course if it seems too hard to beat. You are a treasure hunter, hunting and plundering from a tomb that was meant to worship a god. However, the people who made the tomb left behind traps, and mazes. The god is also not pleased with you so he brough so of his soldiers to gaurd the tomb. You plomised your starving village food and luxury for everyone, so you won't stop till you plunder everything. Ancient artifacts lay in the temple to aid you on your plunder for golden crystals. Raiding this tomb will require all of your skill and ability. Do You Have What It Takes To Go Against A God And Get Your Village Rich?


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