Tranquility Ends 13. Experimenting

By monkeyraw1337 :: Wednesday November 25th, 2009

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You make to the bigger base owned by Darkened Sky. They say to enter a lab when you are ready to take pain. Upon entering you hear that pain is death so they can mess around with your body, and create a realm of their own. You fight back the only way you know how to. Brute Violence. You now must finish the job by killing Kut. You go into several labs, but one of the labs has a portal to a realm. The Realm of the Banished. You see what they want. They want to banish all realms and use the remaining realm you've created to make their own. They plan to use the Realm of Insanity in your head to rule. You find a flamethrower in the Realm of the Banished. Kut must have banished it because it was the one weapon that can kill him. Head back to reality and prepare to kill him. Before you kill him, he says "It's too late. We've found the Realm of the Dead and are creating a portal their. At least Darkened Sky is, and before I die, you are banned from this gang. I will be brought back, and you will be banished!" You kill him there, but you fear that your issues with Darkening Sky's plot has just begun...


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