Tranquility Ends 15. Back to Mind

By monkeyraw1337 :: Thursday November 26th, 2009

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What really happens is that you are thrown back into the Realm of Insanity, which is in your mind. You look around to find that it has gotten worse than the last time you've came here. Darkening Sky scientist have been able to get into this realm. You must kill all of the scientist. In the base they have set up in the Realm of Insanity, you see a portal with a frozen thing in it. You leave it alone, even though you are curious. Once you have killed everything in the base, you will go out to the fields and you must kill the subjects of Darkened Sky's experiments. You are still confused about that ice block in the base. As you are thinking, an evil prescence you've felt before starts breathing over your neck...


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