Tranquility Ends 16. Evil Force

By monkeyraw1337 :: Saturday November 28th, 2009

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That evil breathing over you is King Dremin. Darkened Sky has brought him back from the Realm of the Dead. You slay him, but before he is dead, he admits a lot to you. "I was part of Darkened Sky for a long time. I sent you that note so the Darkened Sky agents would kill you and we would use your realm of Insanity as our own world. You've ruined it, you are too smart. I've been killed twice so I will now, intstead of go to the realm of the dead, go to The Realm of the Banished and never return." You know that Kut will never banish himself, so you must get the one weapon that kills him, a flamethrower, and the glove of the banished, both of which are in a Darkened Sky base in the Realm of Insanity. Once you aquire both, you must find the last Darkened Sky portal to the realm of Insanity, go through it, and disable it by grabbing the power crystal. Now you are the only one who can enter, because you are the one with the crystal to the portal. Now, Kut must be banished once and for all...


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