Age of Power

By moolatycoon :: Friday December 23rd, 2011

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Before I begin with the story, big thanks to Myownself for helping me make this game. Enjoy ~Moola Story: Every boy, when they come of age in your tribe, has to go out on a quest, to prove themselves a man. If they do not take the quest, they will be considered a young boy for eternity and will not have full citizenship. With out that, you can apply to be the patriarch of your tribe. You have come of age on the festival of the full moon. Once a year the moon becomes clear everywhere on Earth, and it emits a blue celestial light. This light is said to open up a Temple, known as the Celestial Temple. Inside the temple is said to be countless treasures and an immense power. However, to be worthy to enter the temple, you must destroy the 4 monsters who lie in side the 4 other sacred temples of your tribe. You must restore your tribe's age of Power.


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