What The Heck Is A Lectred?

Review by moolatycoon on Tuesday, July 3rd 2012
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Lectred Z is a game created by shadross

I searched "Lectred" on dictionary.com. No results .-.

Anyway, this is one of Shad's many ppgs, and let me say, the graphics look nothing short of amazing. I have always admired Shad for his work in the ppg area, and he has never failed to disappoint. Lets see what he has done in this game to make it unique from the others. I notice that it is a whole new series, so hopefully we will see more like this in the future. Lets get stated, from worst to best per usual, eh?

Oh god, I have a hard time finding the worst part in this game. The game was really good, and pretty clever. If I really had to pick something though, it would be the boss battles. They were all really disappointing. The first boss was just simple opposites, and all the other bosses had some sort of trick that made them a joke. Of course, they were nothing short of badass, but the actual battle became a bit repetitive, just constantly hitting the space button. I didn't find much creativity in the bosses either, they looked cool, but 3 of the 4 were just slightly different versions of you. Anyway, constantly hitting the space bar like 300 times wasn't very appealing to me, although I will admit that some of them were kind of hard the first couple tries. Idk, it was ok. Really the only major flaw though =3

Ok, moving on to puzzles and traps. I think that Shadross did a really nice job utilizing the swawner and the unlocker option. Most of his puzzles include shooter doors with different weapons to maneuver around the playing field to get to the end of the level. This is really clever on his part, and I found that really impressive. His traps are pretty good too, they mostly consist of pits and enemies waiting behind doors to murder you to a pulp. They were really easy to avoid/solve, but it was still fun to play through.

The graphics were amazing, I mean really good. If the gameplay and bosses were improved, I could see and EGL game, I mean, it was the best I have seen from the graphics creator. There was a different theme every two levels. The graphics creator was definitely a huge advance to the sploder Ppg maker. Shadross has no bounds with his creativity with graphics. They were impressive, and I am excited to see what he will do with them in the future. There isn't much to talk about in this aspect other then that they were impressive, lol.

Well, I guess the best thing about this game was the effort and creativity put into it. I know the main character graphic slightly resembled Samus from Metroid, but the rest of the game is well layed out, and has a lot of creativity put into it. Shadross did a nice job coming up with yet another innovative idea.

Seems I forgot something. The layout. It was pretty good overall, sometimes the boundaires would be slightly annoying, but other than that I feel the blocks were placed nicely, and everything kind of blended together, you know? Like sugar to strawberries, icecream to cake, or moola to Moola (haha, you see what I did thar?) Anyway, in short, I liked it. On to the other shtuff nao!


-Good Layout


-Extremely Well done graphics

-Fairly good puzzles/traps


-Weak Boss battles


Battles (Enemies/Bosses) ___.5/_____:

Puzzles ___.5/_____:

Traps ____/_____:

Creativity ____/_____:

Graphics _____/_____:

Layout ____.5/_____:

Difficulty ____/_____:

Overall ____/_____:

Well, um, for Part II, take my advice I guess, lol. Have the bosses get a little more gameplay rather than just spamming something xD


Lectred Z Reviewed by moolatycoon on Tuesday, July 3rd 2012. What The Heck Is A Lectred? - A game review written by moolatycoon for the game 'Lectred Z' by shadross. Rating: 4