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Review by moolatycoon on Saturday, September 1st 2012
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Lonely Roads is a game created by spellmage

Hey guys, Imma back lika mario, except not really. Recently I took on the challenge of conquering the massive game Lonely Roads by Spellmage, I was victorious just barely. Spellmage is one of the older members in experience and age. For the Epic Game Drop competition he released this giant which he has been working on for an entire year. His game placed first and was very successful even making it into the EGL. Not many have beaten it, so I am glad I can count myself amongst the ranks of those victors. Lets get started, shall we?

The Concept

Basically the whole idea behind LR is that you are living in a post apocalyptic world where you are one of the hundreds of survivors living underground. This game features you exploring this new world and helping out the citizens of the distressed world from above. You have to complete 11 levels to conquer this beast. This game also features an array of sidequests that makes this game a heck of a lot better. There are so many per level it is clear that Spell put a lot of effort in and I commend him for that.


In this game there is a decent amount of scenery. I felt he could have done a little more, but I can understand him wanting to avoid the lag considering that the dark caves were a major part in his game and having to turn it off would ruin the game entirely. He did do a considerable amount on Level 9 however, so I must commend him on that. His above ground scenery was excellent, the underground areas could have been more decorated though. Back on the above ground portion, The look, the feel, it was excellent. He had excellent block choice and all the vegetation, this game definitely had something special here. I am just amazed at the lack of lag. He was also able to fit like 4 or 5 complete underground dungeons in there. I am very impressed and I think he should do just as much on the second game, just make the underground areas more colorful.

Power ups

Not to often I talk about this in a review, but I feel I need to with this one. As I said earlier this game contains a lot of side quests. Its like a chocolate chip cookie, technically you could make the cookie without the chips, but they make it all so much better...omnomnomnom....err, anyway, Spell had a heck of a lot of these things. HE put powerups all over the place, some of them were easy to get and some weren't. His leveling up system was also pretty cool. He made sure that you really had to work to get these better power ups. I think that he gave out just enough to where the game was possible, and then hid a bunch in sidequests. Basically he made it so the player would determine the difficulty of the game. I respect that a lot and not many users can pull that off. Props to you Spell.

Enemy Placement

An important part of making a good game is knowing where to put your enemies. Spellmage was able to do this fairly well. His enemies were well spaced out and placed cleverly. An Archie in a tree, a ninja on a ledge, Spellmage was able to use his enemies to his advantage. Level 10 was kind of crammed, but the rest of the game had excellent placement. I never really felt like I was overwhelmed. With all of the power ups in the game, the enemies aren't as much of a problem as the could be. I was impressed with the way Spell did things. Not much to comment about except that he had fairly decent diversity. He used I think almost every enemy aside from our aquatic friends Sharky and Leonard. That is quite impressive.

Block Placement

This game has excellent block placement. Things are placed prefectly, like icing on the cake. You can tell that Spell had to take a loooooooong time to place every single little block, considering of course that he used a lot of singles. The jumps, the burst tiles, they were all excellent. This is literally some of the best placement in any game on sploder, ever. His underground dungeons were awesome, purely awesome. There is so much creativity and diversity that it is just wonderful. While this year may have been a huge waste of time on his part considering this site doesn't impact your life at all in any positive way, it was well used.


Omigosh. The overall maps of each level was fantastic. They really showed true talent. This game had sooooooooooo many places to explore, not like Barney where they just have the park and the stupid library. He had mountains, caves, buildings, oh my. I will admit that his underground dungeons were rather similar in style and concept, but they were all still excellent and full of effort. I have really never seen any game with this kind of style, effort and creativity. The different sidequests braching off into hidden areas, there is so much to see that half of the average players have probably never explored before. I am very very impressed.


Concept _____/_____:
Decoration ____.5/_____:
Power ups _____/_____:
Enemy Placement ____.5/_____:
Block Placement _____/_____:
Layout _____/_____:
Overall ____.9/_____:

If you are wondering about the .9, I don't give a perfect score unless the game gets all 5s. This game was near perfect but it just had a couple flaws, which every game has. I am very pleased with this game and it rightfully deserves its spot amongst the greatest sploder RPGs and its book in the EGL.


Lonely Roads Reviewed by moolatycoon on Saturday, September 1st 2012. [EGD] Holy Mother Of All Sploder Rpgs... - A game review written by moolatycoon for the game 'Lonely Roads' by spellmage. Rating: 4