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Review by moolatycoon on Saturday, December 22nd 2012
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Snowfall is a game created by tbremise

Cheep cheep like a bird, or penguin in this case. Imma back for my next review, I would really like to give my opinion on this particular game by my friend Tbremise. He is sort of new to the site, but has pretty good experience. His new game Snowfall has been released on the failed apocalypse. WHATS NEXT HIPPIES? Anyways, shall I begin?

Let me start with the plus side of this game, the decoration is fantastic. I love how everything looks and feels. It is eye candy. The graphics are cute and fit the game well. The gameplay is....average I guess, not bad not good.

Well, I can't really rave about this game much. Twas good kind of? Now time for meh rant.

CONTROLLLLLLLLLLLLLLS. Tbremise made the same mistake Shadross did the past FIVE gunman games. You see, to kill enemies you need to throw snowballs at them. The controls for this? You have to use the mouse to aim and then use the spacebar to shoot. The enemies throw their weapons quick so landing a hit without taking some damage first is almost impossible. Not to mention that later on in the game namely level 5 where I rage quit, you have to bascially make it past the first two snowball throwing guys without losing a life because from then on there everything does a life to you, accounting for the fact that you are only given two lives. Going back to the controls he should have made it mouse click. For whatever reason he didn't. Major flaws are major.

Here we come to another major flaw. The enemies are placed in the cheepest spots in the world and you are not given enough life. Take the boss level for example. If you touch him or get hit by one of his attacks once you are dead. You have to start over. Granted after you get the hang of it he isn't so bad, but it is annoying the first 6 or 7 times mind you. He should have given the player more health or at least toned down the enemies. Take the ones on level 5 for example. If you touch them you die. Of course Tbr forces you into a small hallway with these. Did I mention they shoot star things that deal a lifes worth of damage, and you prolly already lost your first of two lives? You cannot do a thing about it. Not to mention the two snow guards outside the thing shoot snowballs that collide with the stars from the purple shooting things and cause you to lose a life without you even coming close to touching it. Taking the picture wider again, I feel collectively he should have tested more and thought it out better when creating and placing the enemies. Don't even get me started on how cheep the enemies on level 3 are.

Mediocre isn't bad. The level design is mediocre. It is very linear and doesn't take a lot of thought to do. While each level does look fantastic, if they looked like bleep I don't think he would have gotten the feature to be honest. Not saying the level design is bad in any way shape or form, however I feel that it wasn't anything special. Kudos to the block puzzle on level three however. That had me stumped for like 5 minutes. It was small yet well made. Back to the game itself, I feel that the level design could have more detailed and more thought out then what he gave me. The ppg does have limited space but you can fit plenty into a level. Take for example, Lumberjay's Legend of Zelda Ppg or Youngcaliman's Psychotic Pong. They both utilize the space given. I feel Tbremise could have done a little more to put more meat into his game, because all I am getting is a face full of well made graphics and that gets a little bland after 5 levels of the same thing. Not saying the graphics are bad, they are great actually, but they need good gameplay to accompany them and I didn't get a lot of that which I wanted. Sorry Tbre. I would have liked to get past level 5 of 8, but too many chances too little patience.

Now, just to make this a not so negative review I liked the cute atmosphere of the game and found that it was very creative. I liked all of the ideas tbremise, I just wish he had executed them better. Perhaps a patched up sequel?

Aesthetics ____.5/_____:
Controls _.5/_____:
Gameplay ___/_____:
Level Design __.5/_____:
Enemy Concept/Design ____/_____:
Enemy Placement _.5/_____:
Creativity ____.5/_____:
Overall ___/_____:

Do I think this game deserves its feature? Sure, but just barely. That is because of the graphics that holds it together. Ratings shall we?

Well Tbre, you read this. Take heed, for if you ever make a sequel I will rip it apart to its bare bone. Good luck.


Snowfall Reviewed by moolatycoon on Saturday, December 22nd 2012. Cheep Cheep Cheep Cheep Cheep - A game review written by moolatycoon for the game 'Snowfall' by tbremise. Rating: 3